Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab (Eau de Parfum) by MiN New York

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.09 - Dahab 2014 Eau de Parfum

07.04.2015 - 08:54 AM

Precious Hollows

Eyes closed, you inhale tendrils of exquisite intoxicant smoke that pulsate forth from scared incense embers as if carried by coiling zephyrs from the wings of earthbound seraphim. The ocean is near, breaking as liquid crystal on the rocky seashore; a fulminant reprieve of salt from the arms of the mercurial sea and into the atmosphere, ebullient and dancing in lambent sunbeams. Taken within the wanton embrace of an impetuous lover you exchange glances and then breath, the mesmeric redolence of leather and libidinous desert spice rise and enrapture leaving you breathless and gleaming in florid afterglow. Scorching sunlight drenches the landscape in fury and phantasms of fire, coaxing the essence of aureate woods into the air as spirits gracefully ascending from corporeus into infinity. An olfactory manifestation of precious rifts in time, the moments between moments; a symphonious celebration of the beauty captured within the hollows.
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