Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.02 - Plush 2015 Eau de Parfum

Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.02 - Plush (Eau de Parfum) by MiN New York
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Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.02 - Plush (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by MiN New York for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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The Lost Times
Walking down your childhood street Unbelievable dreaming. Just beyond the horizon, out of your reach.
After Vol.1 of Scent Stories probably actually deals with journeys to certain places, Vol.2 is supposed to be inspired by the 5 senses. For my deficient English, it stands that when I first thought of Plush, I thought of a spontaneous, warm, heavy summer rain. In fact, the translation is quite simple: plush. Soft like the fur of a teddy bear is supposed to be the scent, the sense to be addressed is therefore feeling, touching, sensing. For me, this scent is a journey back to childhood, but it contains much more than the cuddly and secure feeling with the soft favorite bear in my arms. I can barely smell out any of the ingredients and can't dissect the scent, but I can share with you the olfactory journey it took me on. The opening takes me to a fairground of my childhood - immediately I'm surrounded by the smell of cotton candy, various lollipops and candies and nuts and almonds. And yet, there's more to it than the usual sweet stuff that you find in most modern women's fragrances now. This shindig is situated on a tidal river, the smell of water and faintly that of salt resonates, the feeling of cool, cold coarse-grained sand under bare feet is there and I almost think I can see lanterns swaying in the wind on the branches of the old trees on the riverbank and hear a weird hurdy-gurdy tune. No, I'm not that old... the scent gives that impression, it seems a bit artificially distorted, like the discolored old Polaroids, a trip down memory lane, blurry childhood memories that may never have happened that way (but that doesn't matter). The feeling of a fair with countless rides and always too little money in hand. The special thing about it, when you waited for weeks for such an event and looked forward to it, the colorful lights, the tingling in your stomach while flying around on the chain carousel, the music, the people, the shy looks to the boy at the edge of the carousel.
And yet this day too is over one day, a cool evening breeze drifts up from the river, the smell of the distant sea, gathering mist, chill, green-scratchy thistles clinging to your clothes as you walk home. Tired, exhausted, happy, the child snuggles into bed, her favorite bear by her side and her hands still sweetly scented from the almonds she ate on the way home. Perhaps this scent fits so well for me at this time currently, because the longing is almost as great again as it used to be, when you waited a very long time for such a special event. And because sweetness is comforting and the smell of salt reminds me of the sea, which I hope to see again soon.

The music title is a very listenable song by Anna Ternheim
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RisRis 7 years ago
This smells more geared towards women, but I don't give a darn, man, this stuff is fantastic. If it projected a bit more, I would give it a perfect 10, no doubt.
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