Sale Perfume 01 by Michał Szulc

Sale Perfume 01 2011

30.09.2015 - 12:15 AM
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Better than DK Black Cashmere, and less expensive as well!

This is really similar to DK Black Cashmere, but it's a lot less expensive, it lasts longer and it's actually a bit less dry than Black Cashmere. It's also somewhat similar to Piotr Czarnecki Sensei, but that one opens a lot more boozy and feels more "wet", almost like the traditional British Christmas pudding, whereas Sale Perfume 01 is more dry and spicy and lacks this boozy note. I love both but at this pricepoint and looking at performance, Sale Perfume 01 is clearly a winner! If money were not an issue, I'd prefer Sensei though, but they are different scents at the bottomline. ;-)

The opening is very spicy, warm cloves and pepper greet you right from the first second on. After the top settles down a bit, I am left with a hint of spicy tea. I don't really get saffron or rose though. But I do find the labdanum and woods from the base to have a strong presence. Perhaps overshadowing the tea note a little, but it feels quite balanced all together. This has a certain smokiness to it. Even feels a little resinous, but only slightly. All in all, Micha? Szulc did a very good job with this one.

The whole scent does get a little linear after about 30 minutes, but that is not a big problem for me. I usually prefer linear scents over everchanging dynamic ones.

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