Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris

Feuilles de Tabac 2000

11.06.2022 - 10:58 AM

A Classical Masculine Fragrance

A fiery camphor like spice coupled with pine is what I get on the opening. Reminds me of that spicy bite in that vintage old spice cologne from decades ago. After the peppery spicy opening a warm tobacco note makes itself known. It's low key and does not overwhelm the composition as other tobacco scents tend to do. If you took a bottle of vintage old spice and mixed it with a vintage bottle of D&G Pour Homme this scent is what I can imagine you would get.

The fragrance gives you the impression of a very classical masculine scent from times gone by. I do like that spicy bite. Longevity is between three to four hours and the scent does stay close to you.
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