08.02.2021 - 03:48 PM

Another bang for your buck aventus clone!

Another bang for your buck aventus clone from Milton Lloyd. This is another take on Aventus and different from their other Aventus clone Victor/colour me white/essentials 10. This is darker and less fruity. Like all Milton Lloyd Aventus clones, while they smell really good the have a thin deodorant-like quality. But for the ridculously low proce, you really can't complain! Decent performance on this one also!

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SirSmellALotSirSmellALot 1 year ago
True Grit - Milton-Lloyd / Jean Yves Cosmetics

True Grit This is a Sauvage EDT clone
Apparently this was a Diesel only the brave clone at some point. Milton Lloyd tend tochange whats in their bottles at times. This is a really quality sauvage clone with good performance. The proce is dirt cheap so you really can't go wrong....

SirSmellALotSirSmellALot 1 year ago
Colour Me White (Eau de Toilette) - Milton-Lloyd / Jean Yves Cosmetics

Colour Me White (Eau de Toilette) Victor No. 9 rebottled
This is basically Victor No. 9 rebottled. It used to be an excellent Silver Mountain Water clone until he got changed. My video review mentions a green tea note. This is now gone in current formulations and is a straight up Aventus clone....