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Veteran by Mirum
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Veteran is a perfume by Mirum for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-fougère. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCalabrian bergamot, Bitter orange, Cypress, Mediterranean lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesGalbanum, Pepper, Lavender, Carnation, Geranium, Frankincense
Base Notes Base NotesMadagascan vanilla, Virginia cedar, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber, Indonesian patchouli



7.6 (9 Ratings)


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Submitted by Michael, last update on 25.04.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    17
Emperor Red Beard
Veteran" is a fragrance that is original in every respect, almost curious, and quite original. It is hardly available in Germany and also came to me - as to my previous speaker - by means of a sample of the friendly Angelliese, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks.

Mirum (probably from Latin "mirus", wonderful - also a pun with the Slavic root "mir" for peace can't be excluded) is once again one of those little Italian scent houses that you meet every now and then when you are on your way here. It has only a handful of fragrances on offer, all allegedly "handmade", and all with "hippie covers" in name and design. The website is funny, but not very information-heavy. If you want information about the fragrance, you have to have it sent to you by e-mail and you will then receive an excerpt from an (Italian) book (without a correct beginning and without a correct end), which does not necessarily show what has to do with this fragrance. For me it reads like a diary of people like Giogrio, Jicky and Michelle, who did something with Amore, Ganja and Chitarra in London in September 1970. Also from Vietnam and from an Isola di Wight, which appears again and again on the homepage.

Veteran (apparently the English or German word is used here, Italian would be "veterano") is in the first seconds an ultraclassic citric fresh, spicier, woody, a little bit green men's scent, somewhere between Barbershop, Fougère and Colgone, very beautiful, but a little bit know-man-sufficient, maybe you can think of the good old "Azzaro".

But then he goes crazy in the next hours and has a lot of weird twists ready for the wearer, which finally make him refreshingly unconventional.

After a minute or so, for example, a slightly stinky, somewhat biting, twisted and entangled (but not really annoying!) note appears for the first time, which could possibly be related to the vetiver (to which I sometimes react very sensitively). This also comes to the fore again and again in the following time. This interplay of a rather conventional citric-spicy freshness with a somewhat, well, not directly malicious, but nevertheless somewhat cryptic note reminds me of Byredo's Sunday Cologne, which I greatly appreciate. Veteran is however more playful - and above all clearly durable, in addition still more.

After about an hour I have peppery, strongly spicy notes in the foreground, and after about two hours the strong aquatic influences that have been noticed by other reviewers - albeit earlier - are coming to the fore for the first time, which then never completely leave the fragrance. Sometimes the fragrance becomes quite sweet, almost a little apricot, and then even a little feminine. In this phase I think then almost, och nee, now they exaggerate but with the Potpurri, that is too much for me now.

Afterwards the veteran comes back into calmer water - you can enjoy a nice long lasting, spicy-aquatic-stinkinge and towards the end then again slightly sweet base.

What I like very much are Sillage and durability. The projection is regulated to a measure that is exactly appropriate for me. It seems as if the fragrance has something like an overdose barrier, it appears stable, present, beautiful, full and substantial, without getting on the wearer's nerves with a murderer's projection of the environment or with a hammer intensity. The shelf life of about 7 to 8 hours is actually pretty much right, and considerable for a rather fresh fragrance. I guess you can get such a development only with some chemistry, but good, it's not an organic fragrance.

For me in any case an absolutely funny, sympathetic Italian! And when I was thinking of the coverboy I had to think of Friedrich I. Barbarossa, who spent long periods of his reign in Italy and was also a rather original guy (although not quite as original and not quite as Italian as Friedrich II. (von Hohenstaufen).

Addendum: "Veteran" would actually have been a fragrance for whose review it would have been worthwhile to reactivate the old friend and copper engraver Federico di Spé, who last appeared here on Parfumo with his review of Fleur de Bambù. Unfortunately, my time was not enough to consult him, so I had to write this comment myself, which surely made it a bit more boring.
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Very helpful Review    7
Also (even) for pacifists!
Recently, a scent mail with the sender "Angellise" fluttered into my mailbox. Besides my wish sample'Nirwana' gab´s another encore, which I didn't pay any attention to at first -'Veteran', what a silly name for a perfume!
I don't like the military - I don't like marching in line. Rather, I want to go through life as my own commander (Who doesn't want that?). I would like to be able to say NO without the consequence of "superiority". There have been enough debates in my life, but that doesn't belong here.
I'll just let the veteran speak. Let's see what he has to say.

Right in the first seconds after spraying on I notice that this veteran is no louder. So there is no (ex)skewer to drill his subordinates to obedience. After a few minutes I feel a light cool water note, or a green Irish tweed note with this "sea-price DNA", which remains in the background for the entire course.
And while I'm still wondering if he might have served in the Navy, I notice that the name'Veteran' goes perfectly with this fragrance. And there's another thing that strikes me: This'veteran' has shaken my stereotype thinking.
He's not cool, he's calm. He stands above things without the slightest arrogance. Who now believes he is boring or meaningless is enormously wrong. He's still able to run a company! With diplomacy, idealism, serenity and humanity he deserves recognition and respect!

Satisfied I sit down in the living room and make myself comfortable. My wife wonders what I sprayed myself with. In terms of taste, we rarely reach a common denominator with fragrances. But this also impressed her. Hmmm delicious, she says - there's sandalwood in there. Okay?! ... i hadn't noticed yet. I hadn't read anything about the scent yet.
Cypress, lemon and a lot of alcohol gave it to the greeting that was certain. Then there was the "sea prisene-DNA" and then there was lavender. Finally, we had vanilla (which bothers me a little, because it's sweet), some tobacco and amber. Now I was curious to see what is written in the perfume dictionary and whether my nose passed the test.

Well, at least, apart from tobacco, all self-sniffed ingredients (+ my wife's sandalwood) were present. The sea prisene-DNA, which only flares up in the background, is an (individual?) perception about whose ingredients I know nothing.
But I'm surprised I didn't notice the bitter orange and the good portion of pepper. After reading them, they were clearly in my nose.

All in all, Veteran is a respectable, serious and mature character head. And I had the honour (thanks to Angelliese!) to write the first comment.

At ease! ;-)
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