Navigations Through Scent - Londinium (2012)

Navigations Through Scent - Londinium by Molton Brown
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7.5 / 10     13 RatingsRatingsRatings
Navigations Through Scent - Londinium is a popular perfume by Molton Brown for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is woody-citrusy. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBerries, Bergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesOakmoss, Myrrh
Base Notes Base NotesFrankincense, Whisky



7.5 (13 Ratings)


6.9 (10 Ratings)


6.5 (9 Ratings)


8.5 (19 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 23.02.2018.
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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

34 Reviews
Godspeed finding this hidden gem.
This fragrance is a sexy, delicious, stands out...Shit, Joop! Pour Homme just got replaced, smh. This is now my signature scent.
This gem of a fragrance just pulled off a coup d'etat for my heart and won.
A moment of silents for Joop! Pour Homme...

Alright back to the review...This is a sexy beast.
No one will smell like this around you.
That whiskey note mixed with the wild berries & incense.
Muah, lovely!
Don't get me wrong the other notes are there too, but they blend in with the background so well.
Why did I find out about this gem, so late in the game?
Just, why?!

I blind bought this one, because of the reviews and the note breakdown. I'm happy that I did.
I can see someone wearing a suit, preppy type of look, hipster or semi-casual.

Got many compliments from people at work (but I'm known as the fragrance guy at work, so those don't count) and on the train to work, I got two unsolicited compliments...
So I'm on cloud nine right now.

Overall this is a must-have in your collection.
It stands out, it's sweet, fruity, boozy, smoky & mature scent. In the world of Sauvage Christian Dior, Bleu de Chanel, Aventus Creed, The One Dolce&Gabbana, 1 Million & Invictus Paco Rabanne...This gem is a must, smell better than the rest and be different.
I used six sprays...both wrist, back & front of my neck, chest, and front of my shirt.

Will I buy this again?...YES!

Does this fragrance enter BEAST MODE, good, just okay or weak sauce at best? BEAST MODE! For once I don't need to carry a travel atomizer to respray it.

What's the strength of this? EDT.

Am I willing to trade this fragrance? NO!

Should You Skipped It, Sample It First or Blind Buy It? Blind Buy Worthy Hands Downs!

Can you use it as a unisex scent? No.

Is it the old, new formulation? Old.

What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? This was discontinued. It started as a limited edition fragrance, but I guess it didn't meet sale requirements. So if you see it anywhere, buy and keep this gem for yourself or flip it.

Update: I was able to get an official five pack of 2ML sample vials, Yes!
SKU Number: FFS936
Batch Number: 101907A (Production Date: October 2011)

SKU Number: 008080036902
Batch Number: PCA41983 (Production Date: July 17, 2013)

Age: 30+
From: Amazon(UK)
Size: 50 ML
Scent: 5/5 (Sexy Beast).
Value: 3/5 ($65.37).
Sillage: 5/5 (Six feet Easy).
Longevity: 5/5 (Ten plus hours).
Creativity: 5/5 (Aged malt whiskey, wild berries & Incense).
Projection: 3/5 (Two hours).
Versatility: 5/5 (Anytime & anywhere).
Compliments: 5/5 (This fragrance will make you stand out, sexy & delicious).

Until next time, I'll catch you on the flipside.

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