Les Nombres d'Or - Cuir by Maison Mona di Orio

Les Nombres d'Or - Cuir 2010

12.03.2015 - 12:03 PM
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After The Fire

Three hours in and this is a strong, linear scent. Dabbed-on projection is a handspan out. The label says leather, but I have to politely disagree: there could be bitter, hard, unforgiving saddle leather here, but primarily my nose says 'ashes'.
If you have ever encountered a burnt out house left bare to the elements, the layers of ash and blackened wood having grown damp, never quite dried out and then eventually rotted, this is that smell. Unlike a fireplace or a bonfire it is not a welcoming scent, nor is it clean; there is a sense of something wrong or dangerous - materials that wrinkle the nose and water the eyes when burning, or a short circuited appliance. Patience is rewarded with occasional wisps of green astringency, cigar ash and just the barest hint of musky softness.
Consider it as an olfactory snapshot or work of art and you will be quite satisfied, but blind buyers beware.

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