Les Nombres d'Or - Vétyver by Maison Mona di Orio

Les Nombres d'Or - Vétyver 2011

08.03.2015 - 09:43 PM
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I Wear This Proudly .

All VETIVER lovers, know the scent can be, at times very shrewd, and unapologetic . It is usually the main factor, that leads many fragrance enthusiasts, away from, this particular scent . MONA DI ORIOS VETYVER, is the perfect example of, versatile VETIVER . It can be worn on any occasion, and should be . It can turn a VETIVER hater, into a person who stands corrected, in all there previous negative thoughts on, the matter of, anything VETIVER . As, for the scent, to me, it is Grassy, Citrusy, Hot, and Dry, all in one . It is "Regal" , though I , also wear this with something as simple as T-shirts all the time . I love it . My favorite part, is the Blue Ginger, added in for the heat . This gives it a bite . I have worn this in Cold, and Warm weather . VETIVER lovers, can tell, MONA DI ORIOS VETYVER, apart from, any other VETIVER . It is that good ! This puts me in high spirits every time .

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