Chèvrefeuille by Monastère Notre-Dame Ganagobie
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Chèvrefeuille is a perfume by Monastère Notre-Dame Ganagobie for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is green-floral. It is still in production.

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Submitted by Antoine, last update on 05.03.2019.
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Summer, sun, bee sums
Chèvrefeuille: When I read this name, I see the ancient bottle of Yves Rocher, milky transparent, with a rough surface, a splash with an oval plastic lid. And in my nose is the most wonderful smell of pure, honey-dewed, natural honeysuckle. Therefore all honeysuckle fragrances have it very difficult with me. I haven't smelled the Yves Rocher for decades - and who knows - maybe my memory is completely distorted according to the motto "Everything used to be more tinsel". Maybe, and yet I can't get away from this memory of fragrance.
I ordered the monastic honeysuckle blindly - and with not too much hope to find it here on my search for my honeysuckle scent.
But in fact: Already with the first nose full I indulge in wonderfully natural honeysuckle fragrance. Not the scent of my transfigured memory, but an independent, different one that can exist. Chèvrefeuille starts green and delicately herbaceous. Not rough stems but light green transparent leaves for my nose. Beautiful, because it evokes in me the association with forest hollyhock - and I am always happy when I unexpectedly discover one during hikes, mostly made aware by the fine scent that floats in the forest on a hot, windless day.
But the pure scent of the white blossom quickly prevails and this is the phase in which I like the elixir from the monastery best. The scent of honeysuckle is one of the few plant scents that I never find overwhelming or too much. The similarity to jasmine is mentioned again and again, but for me the honeysuckle is much softer, more transparent and clearer. Its sweetness is not the heavy sweetness that some tropical flowers or jasmine can bring, but a light honeydew on a cool morning. Lovely is the term that imposes itself upon me by the smell of honeysuckle.
Chèvrefeuille enchants me for a - unfortunately short - period of time with this outstanding natural scent, before it gently fades away powdery and light on my skin.

A fragrance to dream of sun, summer, humming bees and fragrant plants.

Just now, where outside the window the grey cloudy sky promises more snow.
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Greatly helpful Review    39
The Liturgy of the Hours
In monastic communities the Liturgy of the Hours is cultivated. Here is an attempt to describe the development of this monastery scent of the monks of Ganagobie in its change on the skin by means of the prayer times (for more information on the monastery Ganagobie see my commentary on the Lavande scent of the same abbey).

VIGIL (Nachtwache / early in the morning): In the top note, a fresh, almost sour, slightly grassy note appears at first. Since I know honeysuckle from other scents and remember a certain relationship to jasmine with a honey-sweet primer, but here, similar to FvSpee, who has already described the scent excellently, first perceived honeysuckle as solitaire, I am surprised at first
LAUDES (in the morning): Very soon the fragrance changes into herbal, becomes planty and clearly more bitter. The sourness and freshness recedes. At best, a certain grassiness remains and awakens the association of fresh, juicy herbs.

SMALL HORES (Prim, Terz, Sext, Non; prayer times during the day): The herbaceousness slowly becomes darker green and more bitter. The freshness recedes in favour of a bitter note. Interestingly, the fragrance is almost masculine at this stage. Is there anything else included here besides the honeysuckle? The monks' homepage says no, but I don't really trust the monastic perfumers. Should the image of purity be maintained even though the fragrance is pimped a little? Here is a hint to fragrantica:
"The honeysuckle is remotely related to the species of typical white flowers. Geranylanthranilate (with nuances of geranium and neroli), jasmine cyclopentanol and orange blossom can be mixed together to form a fresh, green and sweet honeysuckle flavor."
But maybe I'm doing them wrong and the herbaceous-plantiness comes from the processing of the plant.

VESPER (Evening Prayer): The fragrance now transforms and becomes more beguiling, floral, reminds many, not only me, of jasmine, without, however, assuming its sometimes indolent, downright nasty tone. Jasmine may be more valuable. I like honeysuckle better.
The green and sour has now practically completely disappeared.

KOMPLET (Prayer to the Night): In the drydown and with the onset of fading, the fragrance appears significantly sweeter and also somewhat powdery.

In fact, I take the whole development as very pleasant, but in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I have to make it clear that the phases follow each other faster than the monks' prayer times in the course of a day. All this will be done within an hour. What remains is the sweet-powdery tone described in the set. I personally don't let it get that far, but spray and enjoy the fresh, green sound from the beginning to the middle.

Many thanks to Claudine for sending us a bottle of this fragrance!

By the way, the monastery also produces excellent fig jam. Sevenkäs thank you very much for that
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