Aoud Ambre by Montale

Aoud Ambre

10.12.2021 - 08:33 AM

Slightly sweet

By mistake on my part, I got this as a sample. Now I've been a Montale fan since I stopped my search for the ideal Iris at Montale so looking forward to a sample mysterious.

I really have to tell you all, bearing in mind that everyone is different, but this one is gorgeous, slightly sweet and not at all amber :)
As an amber addict not disappointed, as a non-rose fan completely off the map because this is a yammie rose that is a bit sweet and sits like a veil on my wrist.

Don't know what happened to me, the aoud in this fragrance is only present for a moment and then blend completely with the rose and dance together further in a prominent performance that grabbed me from the first spray wow just wow.

I thought it would be simple now, amber, some vanilla and iris/powder. Do I now get rose as a favorite, bye bye money...

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