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Full Incense by Montale
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Full Incense is a popular perfume by Montale for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is resinous-smoky. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Elemi resin, Labdanum absolute, Patchouli, Somalian frankincense, Atlas cedar



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8.0 8.0 9.0 8.5/10

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Helpful Review    5
The precious essence
Gradually darkness falls.

The sky is covered with deep grey clouds, here and there there there are still single threads of the dense veil of fog to be caught.

The light cold wind envelops him in the ethereal aura of the forest.

The crunching of the black pebbles under his feet suddenly appears to him a little louder, even more intense.

His gaze begins to sharpen, hoping to see the goal already.

Not far away, then his mission has succeeded and as the final steps come within reach, it is revealed why this journey is so important.

The precious essence was no longer in stock and so he set off on the long journey to acquire a new piece of this sacred resin, for without it it was simply not perfect for him.

Already at the handover the scent flooded his olfactory receptors and was inclined to unfold it and give in to the wonderful scent, but he decided to wait until he had reached his goal.

His first own home.

Once there, he sat down immediately in front of his small fireplace to lay the resin on the glowing wooden beams.

A very intensive, strong, slightly room-filling, resinous, quite discreetly sweet smell flowed through his new home.

Fine nuances of lemon unfolded, which had such a pure and clarifying effect on him that he could finally feel at home.

And he spoke for himself to himself:

"May my new home always be a place of happiness and contentment!"

He enjoyed with every breath this wonderful resinous revelation and felt finally arrived.

Over time, the essence evaporated a little bit to wrap it in a fine balsamic, warming comfort
And he was happy.

What remained was the fine woody smell of the burnt wood.

Full Incense.

In total, the fragrance lasts 9.5 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is designed in the first 2 hours in such a way that one is perceived very well to the 2 meters and then oscillates 2 hours on a very clearly perceptible whole arm length, before it reduces in quiet steps to the end of the smell.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Unerer Parfuma "ElysaShades" for the sample.
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6.0 8.0 9.0 9.0/10

137 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
Liturgical incense resin without burning
In my effort to find my perfect incense brother, I bought blindly this perfume, it was also because I found a tempting offer, everything has to be said jejeje, the fact is that, even having liturgical incense, it is not a fragrance incense, or less, what smells Holy Week in my land. My perfect incense would be the intoxicating aroma of Avignon with the leaden, bitter and harsh nuances of Ambre Fetiche, and of course with the performance of the latter.

Before starting to tell you what I think about this perfume, I wanted to make a point about the liturgical incense and the incense brother, that from what I see, sometimes, we think it's the same, and they are not the same, because they do not smell the same . The liturgical incense is the one used in Masses, religious acts, or even for the sole fact of flavoring and acclimating the temple. This incense is of simple constitution, that is to say, it is a mixture of few elements, among them, myrrh, benzoin and incense, but almost never leaves the mixture of resins, its aroma is terpene, smoky, very resinous, balsamic, dry and even spicy, it smells like church. The brother incense, which is also liturgical, is the incense used to process the brotherhoods during Holy Week. This incense is much more complex in its composition than the liturgical one, sometimes including more than ten components in its formula, and as you can imagine it has raw materials of the most varied, among them, Mirra, Incense (of various origins), Benjuí , Estoraque, Galbanum, Wood Shavings, Flower Petals, Spices, etc, etc ... as you can imagine, its aroma is infinitely more complex, with floral nuances, spicy and woody, and depending on the brotherhood that procession, has different nuances, because there are many and very different, and of course, I speak to you from the knowledge of this fact in my land (Cádiz-Sevilla) I do not know if in other communities or countries, it will be the same, but it is simply a point to give you an idea What I'm talking about, when I'm talking about a particular incense.

Well, speaking, now, of Full Incense, I will say it is a spectacular liturgical incense, I love it, I drool, but it does not smell like brother incense. The aroma of this perfume is linear, it smells like a church from end to end, but not the burning incense, but the unburned incense, exactly the mixed stones and without burning, is like putting your nose in a bag full of these resins, a very terpenic, resinous, balsamic aroma with a certain touch of Coca-Cola, extraordinary. The truth is that it is a spectacular aroma, this really smells like a church, a temple, a cloister, while, Avignon smells like Easter, like a certain part of Ambre Fetiche, which is what, In my opinion, Avignon is missing to be perfect.

The performance is very good, not as exaggerated as the other Montale, but in line with the performance of the house. In my skin was more than 10 hours giving war, although, yes, the stele is lower than that of his brothers in the collection, very noticeable for one or two hours, more or less, and then gradually to moderate to death stuck To the skin.

Perfume of cold and temperate climates, and of nocturnal use, but, smelling like it smells, I have not been able to avoid dressing it during the morning of today, and, although it has not been precisely a fresh morning, I have enjoyed it very much.

It is an expensive perfume, although if you search well, you can find very good offers, I have got the 100ml bottle for about € 66 with shipping included. What has caught my attention and no one has made reference to it, is the shabby packing of this house for the expensive that is, the box is the simplest and the bottle not to mention, the only thing worth mentioning is the of cloth that brings the bottle, which is well made, otherwise it is all very simple, and the official price (€ 120) is not a bit of turkey, but, well, if you find these offers like me, it is not something that clashes so much.

If you enjoy incense, it is a very good one, but forget about smoky notes, or Holy Week, or what you associate with incense, that is, plain and simple, the smell of unburned natural liturgical incense.

sorry for my bad english.
7.5 7.5 10.0 7.0/10

13 Reviews
Did someone say church-time?
Church-like incense, with some smoky sweetness.The incense note is rounded by elemi, labdanum resins and cedar. Smoky, warm and meditative. Unisex. Great longevity and sillage. Not for everybody, so sample it before buy!!!
You can find me on Fragrantica under the same username!
7.5 10.0 8.0/10

223 Reviews
Very helpful Review    9
The Incense to own ...
I've been wearing Montale's Full Incense (albeit sparingly) in tropical weather over the last week or so, and have come to the conclusion that this is definitely the 'one' Incense to have if this happens to be a favourite note.

A 'heavenly' blend of Labdanum and Frankincense is faithfully supported by a good dose of Patchouli and a dry Cedar, but there is an inherent sweetness here too. I'm wondering whether the Elemi is responsible for that, because its characteristic 'pine and lemon' sharpness is not evident here.
Elemi sometimes lends a 'clean skin in the sunshine' vibe ... at least to my nose, but that is not apparent here either. Rather, Full Incense brings back vivid memories of high holy day Masses in the stone cathedral where I was an altar boy in my youth ... but then it would :). I don't think one can get very far away from these images when Frankincense is included in a fragrance.
One could, however, get less inspired renditions of this note in a fragrance. I have tried a few of the well known offerings including Tauer, Heeley and CdG ... but all have left me a little flat and quite frankly, bored. Sonoma Scent Studio's Incense Pure runs a respectable second place to this one, while the only 'better' Incense frag I have ever sampled is by Killian's Incense Oud ... which one must sell a kidney to afford.
Superlative sillage and great longevity will attest to the high quality of raw materials used in this offering by House Montale. I get at least 8 hours on my perfume munching skin and have had tons of compliments while wearing this. One of my friends (who knows that I am a complete fragrance whore LOL) even said that I should never wear anything else, ever again.

All in all, Full Incense does the best job of faithfully recalling memories of childhood while not breaking the bank to do so. I highly (and humbly) recommended this one as the reference Incense fragrance to own.
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5.0 7.5 7.5 7.0/10

339 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Full Incense or Pure Incense?
It's pure incense. Heavenly incense actually.

Dark, resinous and dry. Not sweet. A bit sharp and linear.

Smells like Avignon, but it's even stronger.

I thought incense was my favorite note, but after i discovered the real incense fragrances (Full Incense and Avignon) this is not my favorite note anymore.

But if you like incense, this is a MUST have.

Updated January 2014
7.5 5.0 7.5 8.0/10

219 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    10
For Heavens' Sake!
How much of a catholic does one have to be to wear this fragrance? If you didn't get enough in Sunday's service, with a few spritzes of Full Incense you can easily revive the sacred feeling in no time. Montale did not promise too much: Full Incense is a full load of church frankincense!

Decency is not the matter of Pierre Montale. Perfumes like Oud Cuir d'Arabie or Chocolate Greedy show that he is honest about what he does. We may put Full Incence in the same line.

Incense fragrances can differ a lot from each other. Often, they are simply just especially smoky, but they keep a certain warmth which make them good company on cold days – L'Homme Sage by Divine would be one of that kind. But Full Incense is different, and this is best described with an image.

I remember biking trips in midsummer, perhaps France. It is one of those far too hot days that you arrive at a medieval abbey, somewhere in the countryside. Its ancient walls promise a relaxing cool. You enter a dark gothic or romanesque nave, and instantly you sense the cold and stale frankincense leftovers of the last service. It is always cold and damp in those ancient masonries, even with summer heat outside. How beautiful it would be in November, you may think, facing this deathly cold that seems to creep from the undercroft – that strange blend of frankincense, mould, foxing, dust and dampness.

There is only one little thing that modifies this impression in the heart note: there is a distinct resinous note with a somewhat synthetic appeal, probably the elemi. Its quality might direct you towards a hyper-modern Comme des Garçons fragrance. But this short irritation blends in consistently. I remember the strange, synthetic depth of Neil Morris' Vapor, which this note resembles – that pervasive ethereal fragrance that reminds of white clouds on an infinite blue sky.

So, the ashen, gloomy grave's atmosphere contrasts well with the glaring, surreal colours of summer – an enormously deep, suspiciously blue sky with sharply drawn white clouds and the almost unbearable brightness of a midsummer's noon.

Okay, you can blame frankincense to have certain effects – supposedly similar to a runner's high caused by fast biking in the heat. Some things in there may fit together.

For me, it is just this contrast that prevents Full Incense to slide into the kitsch of those Gregorian chant and medieval abbey fashions that come up once in a while. What can be more uncanny than sepulchral cold in midsummer?

Only the drydown is somewhat conventional with its increasing presence of patchouli – but one can reapply.

And so, I would like to recommend Full Incense as a true summer wear – to all friends of dark romanticism who prefer to keep an alternative state of mind amidst all summer's joy.
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