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Greyland is a popular perfume by Montale for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Gaiac wood, Ginger, Leather, Musk, Black pepper, Tibetan cistus, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood



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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 09.10.2019.
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14 Reviews
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Serious And Masculine
Got a sample based upon a fellow fragr's suggestion as an upgrade to Bentley Absolute and DAMN!

I have enjoyed every whiff I get from this. I love this on myself, and it is very masculine, but being it is unisex, this could be incredibly sexy on the right woman. I've picked up on different facets of it but it is mostly linear. Usually that great piquant Cedar-Pepper-Vetiver combo, but sometimes I get a beautifully smooth Leather-Sandlewood note. Halfway through my sample, and I want a big bottle. This shit is straight sexy sexy sex sex. Sweaty, Raw, and Dark. But also Serious. Because Greyland has a very serious feel. I think these two things are what turns people off, and that's ok with me.

My only- and I mean only- gripe is performance. Granted, a big part of a fragrance is how easily you can smell it and for how long, but I am willing to look past the fact that it's pretty much just a skin scent that lasts for 6 hours or so.

The first time I experienced this was a sample I got and admittedly didnt expect much because looking at the pyramid, everything seemed... Ordinary? I know how that sounds, but nothing jumped out at me. But damn if this isn't an example of not always (ever?) being able to judge by reading notes. That first experience, I wore it in the evening and gave it my full attention, and was blown away. It has a very similar opening to Bentley Absolute and Gucci Pour Homme I, with that peppery cedar wood, but also kind of body sweat, note. It is pretty much this for most of the time, and not much projection. But it is so very good.

If you like GPH1 or Bentley Absolute, it's like they had a sexy sweaty baby and named it 'Greyland'.
7.5 7.5 5.0 8.0/10

223 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    7
50 Shades of Grey
This is something a little different from Montale. Instead of being carried away to souks filled with exotic spices and fragrant resins, Greyland transports the imagination to a bleak, moonlit desert-scape ... and the desert does get cold at night!

Per the Montale site, this "man's blend par excellence is composed of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Kayak (sic - I think the intention was Guiac), combined with the spicy scents of Ginger and Black Pepper over a base of Arabian Leather, Musk and Tibetan rock Rose." While it does fall more toward the traditionally masculine, if one enjoys fragrant woods and Vetiver, I would not discount this one for the fairer sex.
Greyland begins with an intense blast of black pepper and spices, almost sinus clearing! Invigorating and relatively short lived, as this stage subsides, the woods and Leather emerge and eventually dominate the composition.
Never becoming loud or prickly, the Leather here is as smooth and refined as the finest chamois. Sadly, the Sandalwood is barely discernible, but Greyland is more about my favorite Cedar, ultimately exhibiting aromatic shades of grey. There are also hints of animalic sensuality here in the Musk, ... think of the term 'rode hard and put away wet' ... and draw your own conclusions ;).
I have been working from the note pyramid provided on the site as I was baffled by the "Rose" listed in the breakdown on this page. There is definitely none in Greyland ... probably a typo as 'rock Rose' or Labdanum is definitely an ingredient of this fragrance.
I really like Greyland ... I find it Byron-esque and broody! Think Heathcliff striding across the misty moors in polished riding boots, dark hair flopping languidly above steely eyes ... riding crop in hand ... *sigh*. But I digress!!!!

Greyland has a decent but not overwhelming sillage and I find the longevity here not up to usual Montale standards. That said, it is also a fragrance that appeals to my romanticism and sensuality ... try it, if you dare ;).
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Rmf1112 3 years ago
Creates a mesmerizing trail that is truly far greater than the sum of it's parts...+1

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