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09.02.2022 - 11:03 PM

Seductive perfum

My nose didn't felt the cofee first spray rose will be intense after 2-3h withe musk vanilla take the role for 7-8 h total duration . i concider it more feminin perfum rather than mixte , the smell is heavy prefer using it during winter. like usually the ingredients are premuim and stand out from the other brands especially maison francis kurkudjan , if you want an expensive smell of roses , flower closest to his perfums without spending a fortune ,
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A special perfum for special people very animalic , strong powerfull europeans are not used to wear this kind of perfums , i remember when i was young i hated this kind of smell but now i changed my mind , this perfum make me travel to middel...

IlyesIlyes 27 days ago
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So at the first spray you ll smell only alchool after 30 sec , it starts the progection for me the performance are very low if you compare it to carlisle from marly which has a strong progection long lasting , with the ability to disociate the notes which...