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Patchouli Leaves by Montale
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Patchouli Leaves is a popular perfume by Montale for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is earthy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Amber, Bourbon vanilla, Labdanum, Patchouli leaf, White musk



7.9 (114 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    13
Cutting and pricking in the forest of leaves
What's going on?
I really love Patchouli fragrances very much, but this one is after "White Patchouli" by Tom Ford, with whom I wasn't happy yet, the second of those fragrances that doesn't even get lost through repeated washing.
The topic of durability has already been dealt with: it was probably conceived according to the motto "forever"

After the first tests I still thought: If you have survived the initial phase and only arrive in Vanilla Land, the fragrance will become more beautiful, softer.
According to the fragrance pyramid, the prerequisites for this should be met.
Well, yes - it was a little bit true: but not enough to wander through this fragrance jungle for a long time! I'm glad that I didn't get lost there.

"Patchouli Leaves" sounds so promising: like an earthy-green canopy of leaves, under which a light humidity and sunlight intensifies the beloved Patchouli aroma; lets it weave its golden veils and places the expected glow under the dark green.
Who or what for the discord under this leaf canopy - yes, it is there, the expected, actually protecting leaf canopy! - is responsible, I couldn't find out unfortunately.

Amber and Labdanum, even both together, are at the top of my favourite fragrance scale.
Their union with heavy, sweet vanilla has actually been welcome lately.
Well, white musk isn't my special friend now; but it can't be the cause of this biting, this stinging on the skin.
So even the -zigsten test only helped: but very quickly wash off!
Success: see above!
And not only the scent remains long, there are also slight pustules and redness at the points of contact. Unfortunately I always rub fragrances after the first skin contact!

These patchouli leaves remind me of the very early days of aftershave: they must have burned devilishly and the men then dragged these biting scents behind them for hours.
Since they all smelled the same when perfumed in my memory, it didn't make much of a difference.
So the typical 68ers send greetings, if they took care of each other to some extent.
"In" care rituals were not necessarily in males and females at that time.
And this scented roller was not fine even then!
Unfortunately the first buses got doors in the back; the time of the airy platform was over.
For my tender child nose and probably also for the meanwhile grown up small trunk this is nothing at all!

Once again the disappointment about an unfortunate encounter with "Darling Patchouli" spreads.
With much joy and great expectation I opened the bottling; the first attempt left a little hope behind. This one dies last!
Then really!
And now I really have to say: We split up after only a short acquaintance!
So: off to the Wanderpröbchen and from there "Bon Voyage"!

(Did I already mention that I don't like negative comments like that?)
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5.0 10.0 10.0 7.0/10

339 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
Heavy Patchouli
One of the best patchouli based scents that i have ever tried.

Opening is raw and earthy and takes a while to settle down.

Then join the vanilla and make it creamy and sweeter - thats the moment it remembers me of Coromandel.

Projection is huge and also the sillage and lasting power (over 12hs).

Updated January 2014

484 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
amber patch
The earthy aspect of patchouli, and the warm stone-scent aspects of cistus labdanum are the thread that joins these two key players in Patchouli Leaves. Sweetness isn’t hidden, but certainly isn’t pushed to the front. I find the patch that is there exactly the viscous, hippy patch that I was looking for. But it’s perfectly matched by amber, vanilla, and musk, which might make it sound candy sweet, but it isn't. They serve to add a rounded, cushioned feel. The whole fragrance reads like patchouli on a stack of pillows.
2.5 10.0 10.0 7.0/10

362 Reviews
Patchouli Leaves
What prevents me to loving this
is the heavy amount of amber as the opener the amber had a bit of an curdled
smell but that my only compaint.
of course you've got patchouli but it drowns in a wet saturated sea of oils
but want makes it dry is the Labdanum
with the deep fiery smokey scent plays
a part of this fragrance and the animalistic spots of Musk and the
drydown of vanilla.
5.0 10.0 10.0 8.0/10

1239 Reviews
(Rich) Hippies Rejoice!
Montale PATCHOULI LEAVES offers a lot of dark oily hippie patchouli in a luscious labdanum-amber base with just a touch of sweetness. Wearing this perfume is like wearing an old worn-out sweater that feels cozy and comfortable and even cuddly but is not something that I'd want to don in public. It seems somehow too personal and too suggestive for anywhere but home.

I cannot help chuckling at the reviewer (at another site) who said that this would be great--were it not for the patchouli! I realize that some people do have a patchouli problem, but I think that the name in this case is a sufficent red flag... Recommended for patchouli lovers and hippies, this perfume has excellent longevity and smells totally groovy!


Jazzy76 21 months ago
My colleague was wearing this scent and I loved immediately its sillage so warm and strong. Despite the bottle, a very good scent

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