Montana Parfum d'Homme (Eau de Toilette Light) by Montana

Montana Parfum d'Homme 1989 Eau de Toilette Light

12.05.2016 - 08:54 PM

"Let there be light !"

Montana Parfum D'Homme eau de toilette LIGHT !

It's an Eau de Toilette that comes in a gray "tower of babel" splash bottle in a Red Box. I can describe it as a stripped down, "air conditioned" version of Parfum D'Homme. With moderate performance for an EDT. Great for those who may want to wear Parfum D'Homme year round.

"Light" turns up the aldehydes and lavender, and turns down the herbs and spices of the original... Significantly. But carnation, pine, cinnamon, and even incense are still detectable to my nose. Although a lot less dense. There's not much "development" here to speak of etiher. But the macho character of the original -with it's labdanum, ambergris, and leather backbone, remains (mostly) intact. Happy that ! That slight animalic quality is what gives this warm weather scent it's unique Caché.

As for the legendary rugged "leather jacket man" imagery of the original? Sadly, this version just doesn't have the same impact. At best, the luminous glow of aldehydes may allude to the "brilliant" mind of the man inside the jacket, instead. LOL. But hey! If you already have the "brawn" of the Original... wouldn't you want the "brains" to go with it?


Especially since a 75ml bottle of this gem currently goes for $15 (USD). $15? For the Quality, that's just BONKERS !!

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