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For years, Montblanc sustained its title for being a beacon in the luxury market and the paramount creator of luxurious writing instruments. Although the brand is also responsible for hand-picked wristwatches, leather goods and jewelry, its core business is ballpoint pens and fountain pens with the iconic Montblanc logo.

The beginnings of the brand lie at the beginning of the 20th century in Berlin. The tinkerer August Eberstein learned about the production of fountain pens in the USA and wanted to implement this experience in Germany from 1906. Eberstein found several backers and was also able to register several patents.

At first, the "Simplo Filler Pen Co. Max Koch", founded in 1907, was still reproducing American models. Because of the extremely high quality of the fountain pens, production was initially mainly for "Faber-Castell" and "Staedler", but the company's own models also became increasingly important. In 1913, the star became a registered trademark and has been the distinguishing feature of every Montblanc since 1914.

With collections and collections such as the "Meisterstück", the "UNICEF Editions", the "Diva Line" or "Bohème", the brand today produces a wide range of fine writing instruments, which vary slightly in material, form and function, but always have a consistently high quality and durability for decades.

"Montblanc" today employs just over 3,000 people, about 30 percent of whom work at the company's Hamburg headquarters. The owner, however, has been "Alfred Dunhill, Ltd." since 1977. This makes the brand with its writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods part of the "Compagnie Financière Richemont SA".
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