Uomo? (1997) Eau de Toilette

Uomo? (Eau de Toilette) by Moschino
Bottle Design: Henry de Monclin
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Uomo? (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Moschino for men and was released in 1997. The scent is woody-floral. It is being marketed by EuroItalia.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesHedione, Coriander, Kumquat, Rosewood
Heart Notes Heart NotesCyclamen, Clary sage, Cinnamon leaf
Base Notes Base NotesAmberwood, Artemisia, Solar accord, Cedarwood, Musk



7.7 (172 Ratings)


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6.4 (144 Ratings)
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6.0 5.0 6.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    34
The three and the scent in the villa
Our 3 detectives Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews from Rocky Beach are investigating a new case. For some time now, people have been talking about strange screams coming out of the old Villa Flakon and putting the residents in fear.
Morton the chauffeur of the won Rolls Royce brought the 3 near the villa and waited for their return. The last steps on foot arrived in front of the villa standing suddenly out of nowhere a shattering scream sounded - HUAAAIIIIIHUUUUHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH -

Justus: Colleagues! Did you hear that?
Peter: That was hard to miss, maybe we should come back tomorrow!
Justus: Now don't stand by Peter, there has to be a logical explanation for that.
Bob: So running, wouldn't be bad now, that also helps against overweight.
Justus: Are you saying I'm fat? Nobody's fat here, one at most, and he's NOT fat!

While the 3 were still discussing this, they tried to get into the villa, which they did through an old broken window. They were now standing in the entrance, like a foyer. Left and right went up stairs, the ceiling was at least 5 meters high and a heavy crystal chandelier hung on top of the wall. The villa was actually uninhabited, but it smelled fresh and not musty at all. Citric and easily flowery one could say.


Again this terrible cry sounded and the 3 became hectic.

Justus: People we run up the stairs, Peter you stay here and guard the entrance.
Peter: Are you crazy?
Justus: Don't get in line, you can hide in front behind the big armchair.
Peter: It's so creepy here, it would horrify the spirits!

So Justus and Bob ran up the stairs and noticed the fresh scent increase in their nose. When they reached the top, they stood at the beginning of a long corridor, lined with rosewood, which creaked slightly when they walked on it. They tried to be as quiet as possible when they heard Peter's voice:

Peter: Guys, I found oranges, really tasty, very small.

Peter's voice echoed through the old villa and only seconds later the shattering scream sounded again, which was much closer this time.


Justus and Bob ran down the hallway as fast as they could, only to find that you were running down the stairs at the other end and what they saw there made your blood freeze in your veins at first. In the light of the sun that searched its way through the old dirty windows into the foyer stood an old woman with grey hair and big bun and brittle voice, Peter in her arms and a fresh spicy smell surrounding and looking at the two. Now the last hour has struck, both thought when the old woman made a step towards her and suddenly Peter said:
Peter: Hello friends, this is Hildegard Brumswedel, she still lives here, the villa is not abandoned!

Justus and Bob both looked at each other in amazement when the old woman greeted them.

Hildegard: I don't visit often, who are you little rascals?

Justus took out a business card and gave it to the old woman.

Hildegard: The 3 question marks, we'll take any case. 1.Detective : Justus Jonas, 2nd Detective Peter Shaw, 3rd Detective Research and Archive Bob Andrews

After all had introduced themselves and the old lady had explained that she lived here withdrawn, Peter had eaten all the oranges, the 3 explained their motive and what they were looking for. The old woman surprisingly stated that she had not even noticed such cries. On his way to the dining room, Bob saw a collection of old perfume bottles that all looked the same. This was her husband's favourite fragrance and she sometimes feels the need to apply it. Since it doesn't last that long, it sprays every now and then.
It was so beautifully fresh and spicy, citric and a little floral.
She took one of the bottles and sprayed herself with it - HUAAAIIIIIHUUUUHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH -

The 3 detectives flinched and the old woman noticed that she was responsible for this scream, which was amplified by the high walls.

Hildegard: I find it only so fresh you must know, that is always so marvellous with the application. I think I'm always so excited about it Justus: I knew there had to be a normal explanation. Peter, by the way, you can let me go now!
Peter: OK.
Bob: I'd like to find out which substances are responsible for this.

Bob came to the conclusion that the freshness had to come from kumquat, hedion and cinnamon, the flowery one also from hedion and violet, wood and musk support the whole thing then, so that at the end the impression of a wet meadow still arises. Then he came across something strange...Solar chord!

Peter: There's sun in there?
Bob: I don't believe this Tim!
Peter: Tim?
Bob: Forget it, it's another show.
Justus: Then what's it all about?

Bob: You don't know the exact answer, that's probably why we have to deal with a 4th question mark. I can only imagine that here, in the laboratory, things have simply been put together that reinforce the impression that you are on the beach in summer. It seems pretty artificial to me all over.

Alternatively it can also be that the sun from the Ar....- HUAAAIIIIIIIHUUUUHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH -

I sincerely thank the dear treasure hunter for the sample :)
20 Replies
7.0 6.0 6.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    14
In search of the solar chord
Today I wore the beautiful Moschino Uomo? again. It fits very well to the still persistent mild weather. I would like to put him in the rather milder season, for cold days he may seem too quiet and discreet.
But at temperatures over 18 degrees it does really well.
What's in there? What does the fragrance pyramid tell us? Can you trust?
Yeah, I'm of the opinion, by and large, it is. At the beginning there is a nice fresh citrus note with floral hints. Kumquat, I know them. The little oval orange ones you can eat whole. Okay, there's nothing left over from peeling. They are sour, but very aromatic.
I've cooked jam from that too.
Not very often used in fragrances, but makes a good impression. Citrus fragrances always create a cheerful atmosphere. I can confirm that here, Uomo? is a cheerful scent. Hedion is also known to me, gives scents a jasmine note. Yes, it gets a little flowery too, also with a cheerful, friendly basic tone.
Within a short time it becomes a little spicier with woody hints, whereby it becomes already difficult to sniff out individual notes, all this is very fine and used sparingly. But this is absolutely no problem for me, as the fragrance should retain its fresh, cheerful character. A little musk can still be seen.

And now we have arrived at the title of my comment. In the base note, a "solar chord" is said to have been incorporated. There's an oversized question mark over my head now. What do you want me to think? Where is he? How's that supposed to smell?
Does the bottle have a solar drive and sprays automatically when opened when sunlight falls on it?
Has the test tube been treated with the raw materials under UV light so that the scent changes in a certain direction?
Does the fragrance glow in the dark after being stored in daylight?
Or do you glow even in the dark after use?
Should it not be used in direct sunlight, because it might smell burnt?
Or do you get sunburn from spraying on? Or does it protect against?
Does sunlight have any odour of its own?
Can the bottle be used to generate electricity? Or the scent?
Hmmmm, I don't know.... Maybe the perfumer didn't know for sure himself.
Maybe that's the meaning of the question mark behind Uomo.

But that doesn't change the fact that I like the fragrance very much and I can recommend it without further ado. Uomo? is suitable for the office, because it doesn't pull an overhanging veil of scent behind it, as an uncomplicated leisure scent it is also wonderful. In the evening he may sink a little, there he could give away too little.
As far as durability is concerned, unfortunately he does not have such good stamina. After about 4 hours the solar chord (and everything else) is gone. And it also becomes quite body-hugging within half an hour.
I took the bottle with me to work for spraying, which I didn't find too tragic, as the flow is quite linear and the fragrance is extremely inexpensive. 125 ml is often available for less than 20 Euro.
I had it in the 90s already once, then it seemed to me stronger and longer lasting. But what has not been revised and improved recently?
Nevertheless I am happy that I have Uomo? in my collection again and on warmer days he can be used with pleasure. Even if it doesn't glow in the dark ;-)
I also make a recommendation for ladies, because the fruity floral with light woody echoes is something for you without further ado and I can imagine that Uomo? also smells very nice in ladies.

So and now I will continue to rack my brains over the solar chord... I'm still looking at the bottle in the dark....
6 Replies
7.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    13
Low budget recommendation
Another favorable recommendation from me. I like to recommend and buy fragrances that are sold strongly under value. Many fragrances prove that a good perfume does not have to cost upwards from 50 euros or soagr 100 euros. With many low budget fragrances you have to make compromises (quality, performance etc.), but there are also fragrances where you have to ask yourself why it is sold so cheaply. You should test also in the bargain corner without prejudices and you will be surprised.
The Moschino fragrances are all relatively cheap and many are already quite high quality with good performance. Marketed by EuroItalia, where you can also find brands like Versace, Missoni and Dsquared2. Similar to Versace you get many for a small price. Some already about 20 euros. I bought this Uomo for about 30 Euro a 125ml. Top, if you know and appreciate the fragrance.

This fragrance is very inconspicuous, but is recommended by some as a secret tip. Especially for fragrances in the low price range.
The bottle is typical of the 90s. Simple with a simple oldschool touch. Plus the question mark, whatever that may stand for.
I'm having a hard time describing the scent. It is not that easy to describe, let alone to perceive individual fragrances. This is mainly a fresh woody fragrance with a few soft floral beginnings. It starts really extremely stinging, which fortunately quickly subsides. The opening is fresh citric, probably by Kumquat. A woody-floral freshness is also added. Great station wagon. The fragrance is long without great development until it ends after a long time with a gentle wood-musk mix.
For me a great mixture of understatement everyday scent and aromatic seducer. This makes it versatile, not just for everyday use. Even if I would choose another one for special occasions, it would not be too unattractive. Still: For me a super everyday fragrance, quite male and well suited for 30+. Woody-floral freshness with elegance.
From the Sillage it is well perceptible over long time and also the Hlatbarkeit should survive a working day with approx. 8 hours. Very satisfactory.

Clear test and purchase recommendation for this price.
4 Replies
7.0 8.0 6.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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very unexpected
This fragrance was a strong surprise. I bought it based on Jeremy's recommendation and am positively surprised.

Fragrance is difficult to describe. The kumquat (dwarf oranges) is most clearly scented, otherwise any floral and woody notes. I'm no other fan of citrus scents at all but this one is very special.

The first time Uomo? wore it, he would have knocked me out of my hair. The fragrance had somehow a very interesting development and suddenly smelled very pleasant and special.

I cannot agree with the opinions that the fragrance is rather for adults. I find it suitable for all age groups except the very young.

It is also very versatile in terms of the seasons. For me the best situation: spring and autumn indoor, casual.

In any case is worth a blindbuy, because it is very cheap and does not offend.
7.0 6.0 7.0 6.5/10

139 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Scentrack: Jovanotti - Serenata Rap

Like everything from Moschino Uomo is playful, charming and relaxed. Similarly to Moschino Forever it starts with exotic citrus fruit, followed by rosewood reminding me of the classic guitar smell and some aldehydes. In the heart cinnamon rides on the wave of flowery notes and gradually morphing to base of ambergris and musk.
Easy to wear, typical Italian charmer. Like a watery aquarel of notes. Spring is a perfect season to wear this Italian good guy made by Olivier Cresp.

Rating: 6.5/10

72 Reviews
Rising Intonation?
One doesn't have to pronounce the name of this with rising intonation @ the end does one? I'm not doing anyway!

This is astounding - one of those outliers, value-for-minlet-wise. According to certain reports of its composition, it has real ambergris in it; & to my mind it does have the aroma as of one having it in. It would be remarkable to extreme if a 'fume of this price-brackett were to have real ambergris in it; if it's a facsimile of ambergris, then it's also remarkable to extreme degree, but in different direction. I know there are synthetic compounds such as ~ambroxan~ & ~hydroxyambran~ & others; but 'fumes replete with those don't smell particularly like they have ambergris in: but this one does!
7.0 6.0 8.0 8.5/10

13 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Elegant Lemon Gem
Moschino Uomo? is a fresh aromatic woody scent released by the house of Moschino. This is a very classy underated masculine citrus Italian scent. Although released in 1997 it does not smell too dated. I get the velvety lemon notes from the Kumquat and also some sage on the opening and then the woods and cinnamon come more into play on the dry down. There is a little sweetness perhaps coming from the cinnamon leaf and wood accords

I think Uomo? is a very versatile scent which could suit any occasion but personally I think it works best for an office or work environment. Also I think this fragrance could be a compliment getter so it would work as an evening scent as well. I find the scent to have quite good longevity, around 7-8 hours . It is not a heavy fragrance so it has average projection and silage. I like the bottle design and although it has a plastic cap it fits very well with a secure click.

This fragrance is also very inexpensive and because of the versatility and its uniqueness of notes I think this would be a great purchase.

Overall 8.5
4.0 4.0 6.0 6.5/10

48 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Sweet, gentlemanly, transparent...kumquat?
Say what you want about the Italians, they do citrus RIGHT. Anytime a fragrance has a wonderfully classy lemon or other citrus note, I like to refer to it as an "Italian citrus". The original D&G pour homme had it, Versace pour homme has it, and this one definitely has it. Think of the clothing worn in "The Godfather" trilogy and you'll start to get the idea. It's just got this 'dapper gentleman' feel, but without the neroli.

The first time I smelled this, I was unimpressed. For all of the hype it got, I felt sort of let down. It just felt too "old-timey", as if I was attending my grandfather's funeral. At the same time, I recall it reminding me of a white-walled seaside hotel in Spain for some reason. You know - with the large pillars out front and white silk drapes blowing in the warm wind. That's the overall effect. It's clean and neat, with a sweet and very transparent kumquat-hedione-cyclamen combination that continues throughout. The rosewood is done exceptionally well and there's also a tad bit of spiciness coming from the coriander and sage. In the drydown, there's an echo of a watered down Le Male, but nowhere near as sweet. The blend is good and I wish it lasted longer, but it peters out after about 1 hour and disappears in 5.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of cyclamen, having smelled it in several women's perfumes, and perhaps that's the reason I'm not entirely convinced by this one - still. It's NOT BAD and definitely more appealing now that I've worn it several times (and carry a travel atomizer), but I dunno - I still feel that the scent is more characteristic of a retirement home than a dance club. It's just a weird, sweet citrus-floral with a very smooth and mild woody base. Light, aromatic and almost aquatic. Unique and likeable? Certainly. Classy? Sort of. But impressive? Hardly. If you're looking for decent projection, you simply won't find it here.
7.5 5.0 7.5 8.0/10

367 Reviews
Very helpful Review    4
Warm, woody floral. Unusual and inviting...
I suppose the easiest way to describe this would be a warm, earthy (with slightly herbal opening) spicy scent. However the floral quality gives it a soft warmth (especially in the dry down). An unoffensive, warm scent that lingers and shines on your skin. A different scent among so many.
5.0 5.0 5.0 10.0/10

362 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Uomo? Moschino
Clean sexy masculine but feminine enough
that a woman can wear this the sage note
makes it bright and evanescent with it's
strong foundation of mahogany as the top notes the heart is an mildly spiciness or coriander and some green and leafy jasmine
scent and the drydown of semi bitter ceder
and rosewood for it's woodsy effect.


Jazzy76 11 months ago
Man? with the question mark, exactly! Because it's a fragrance so aromatic and spicy, so gentle to be used by a woman too. I like it!+2
Carlitos01 14 months ago
It smells classy and appealing.
Fantastic kumquat opening, alluring fresh scent and musky dry down.
An underrated gem from Moschino.+4

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