Bella Firenze di Tosca 1998

Bella Firenze di Tosca by Mülhens
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Bella Firenze di Tosca is a perfume by Mülhens for women and was released in 1998. The scent is fruity-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 09.08.2021.
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Probably finally over...
Even as a vintage fan and hunter you sometimes have to admit that time doesn't always turn back and EVERY perfume can be brought back undamaged. There are (fortunately from my experience only very few) perfumes which are simply too fragile in composition and not durable for decades, not even in the original, unused bottle. In most cases, this is more likely to affect the lighter fragrances, often aquatic perfumes as well, almost never Oriental and other heavy calibres.

Yes, I have tried it twice here! Simply because I had highly estimated "Firenze" in my "best years" (i.e. around 30). Just a drugstore smell? I don't care! Something in it positively set this perfume apart from other low-cost perfumes. Cedar wood? One of the flower notes? I don't know! I don't know! For me it was simply a floral scent for the advanced spring, versatile applicable. But I never smelled raspberry - just like my previous speaker Calista. With the discreet, slightly sweet fruit note I would have probably tipped on peach.

But no, even the two re-buyings didn't really bring the scent back to me. Always, at least in the beginning, I smell such a slightly musty note, although not a real tipping note. Furthermore, I miss this one note, which made "Firenze" so special for me in the past. I'll let a third attempt of an additional purchase be, at some point you have to say goodbye.

It was only today that I saw the perfume spot - at that time I hadn't bought the perfume because of the advertising, which I didn't know before. Oh yes, Ornella Muti... a beautiful woman! I found her great in "The Tamed Shrewd One", as Adriano Celentano, a beastly bachelor, offered Elia Paroli! And yet in the end conquered his heart. Later, in the "Count of Monte Christo" she was also admirable at the side of Gerard Depardieu. It's been a few years... But she still looks good. "Firenze" didn't hold up very well...

My rating of 8.0 refers to the "Firenze" as I remembered it from the late 90s.

"Tresor in Love" as a fragrance twinning? It is indeed similar, especially later, but in the beginning I find it a bit more fruity and fresh than "Firenze". But I definitely like the bottle better than "Firenze", especially because the lid doesn't immediately catch the eye as a plastic product.

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