Yacht Man - Red by Myrurgia

Yacht Man - Red

16.07.2020 - 09:52 AM

"Ok for the price"

"Ok for the price". I paid €3,60 for 100ml. Just tossed it in the cart to see how it really is, because it was on sale for such ridiculous price. Never wanted or really considered buying this before.

The scent itself isn't bad, it is actually ok, kinda fresh.

But as people point out, performance is bad. You need to spray heavily. That's fine, since this one costs next to nothing.

At stupidly low price, under €5, why not just try it. But definitely not worth seeking out and wasting your time. Most likely I wont be wearing this at all, or just after shower and at home when I'm going to do some work at the yard - when I dont want to use anything more expensive or better wearables.

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