Cat Deluxe At Night 2007

Cat Deluxe At Night by Naomi Campbell
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Cat Deluxe At Night is a perfume by Naomi Campbell for women and was released in 2007. The scent is fruity-floral. It is being marketed by Designer Parfums. Pronunciation
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88 Reviews
Deluxe for whom?
Since I am testing all that low-price scents I'm thinking a lot about the question, why perfume customers are just buying scents like this.
First of all, the fame of the pretendet creators of those scents are the promoters. Of course most of these famous persons, models, stars etc. do not create the perfumes nor do they take care what the fragances are like. I am sure, in common they themselves are buying and using the most expensive scents which are available.
They only give their names as promoters and advertising icons for all those stuff. For this they are receiving a lot of money. That's all. So far so good or not good.
Some of them seem really to know the scents which they are promoting.
But in case of Naomi Campbell and this set of perfumes I'm claiming that she never did one sniff at the scents.
I would propose that all this stars and models who are wanting to earn a lot of money only to give their name, sterring clips for advertisement etc first have to show that they are deserving the money. They should be obliged to stay at least three hours in a room in which it smells only like the scents they are standing for in order to become wealthy. With full sillage of course.
But concerning "Cat Deluxe At Night" it would be bearable.
No, there is nothing in the scent which remembers to cats, no civet, nor strong jasmine or tuberose and other obstrusive ingredients.
It's just a slighly citric and creamy note at the beginning, nothing natural. Of course there is the unavoidable ambroxan but not to much, an artificial but though pleasent an decent blossom mixure is fragranting. "Cat Deluxe At Night" compared with a lot of perfumes on this level is moderate even due to the money one has to afford.
The durability of "Cat Deluxe At Night" is very good, the sillage is average. And a little mircacle is occuring after some hours I was wearing "Cat Deluxe At Night". It became somehow a warm and soft character and less synthetically.
Or did I become accustomed to this scent? No matter, maybe Mrs Campbell did a sniff of the "Cat Deluxe At Night" and jugded it not so bad for teen-girls and those who are convinced to stay for ever young.
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