For Him Bleu Noir (2018)Eau de Parfum

For Him Bleu Noir (Eau de Parfum) by Narciso Rodriguez
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For Him Bleu Noir (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Narciso Rodriguez for men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-creamy. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International.

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Sonia Constant

Fragrance Notes

Blue cedar, Ebony, Musk, Vetiver, Amber



7.4 (68 Ratings)


6.8 (58 Ratings)


6.3 (59 Ratings)


8.0 (72 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is Belgian model Billy Vandendooren.
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9.0 6.0 8.0 9.5/10

6 Reviews
Creamy musky woods
After trying Bleu Noir EdT and liking it enough to buy it, I went back to the shop to try the EdP. In my mind I thought I would get more power, more longevity with some minor differences.

I was sorely disappointed upon smelling it. No strong opening with the spices. That first contact left me a bit sad since I could not recognize what I believed Bleu Noir should be in its EdP version.

Months passed and, despite my initial and almost imediate dismissal, somehow the beautiful blue tinted bottle always seemed to exert some fascination on me whenever I went to the perfume shop.

I tried it again on skin some months later and I could then see the similarities between the EdT dry down and the EdP. Adding to that, I had been growing fonder of the dry down of the EdT and some weeks and a couple more tries later I finally decided to buy the EdP.

This is a very elegant creamy musky wood based scent, without the spices and strong opening of the EdT. For me this is one of those fragrances that are perfect for the office. I had never worn the EdT in the office precisely because in the first couple of hours it is fairly strong. With this I can finally wear some Bleu Noir to the office without worrying about disturbing colleagues (office has AC, but most days it is a bit wacky and way too warm for my liking).

Performance is reasonable for me. It is a discreet scent at all times that does not project much. Longevity is actually very good at 8h-10h+. You get a nice, albeit tight, scent bubble that people who come closer will notice and you'll get whiffs of the fragrance when you move.

Highly recommended for anyone who likes musk and woods.

Update: after wearing it more I've increased my scent score to 9.5 - I absolutely love this scent. It is discreet but has good longevity and works with any weather. The scent itself is extremely classy and pleasant. Perfect for any occasion, at any time.
8.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

53 Reviews
I'm impressed!
I'm a fan of Narciso Rodriguez's frags, I own for Him (EDT and EDP) and the original Blue Noir. They all smell great and the only issue to me is the longevity of Blue Noir which is subpar. That being said I blind bought Blue Noir EDP (on sale) and immediately regreted the purchase after testing it on paper, it was pretty much the same as EDT moreover the reviews in fragrantica were awful pointing longevity as a major issue and smell as cheap however the damage was done.
I had to test it so during a rainy afternoon I sprayed it 7 time on myself and the opening was quite nice but when it started to hit the mids the magic began. It's like a creamy musky scent, it does share similarities with the BN EDT but the absence of cardamom is noticable and this makes a difference, it's just gorgeous.

As for longevity well, I'm 5 hours in and still going, I doubt I'll get to the 6th which is not stellar for an EDP concentration but it's not awful either (in the tropic all frags last less than other places).

My girlfriend loved it, I love it and I can recommend it, just test it first since taste is subjective
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10.0 7.0 10.0 10.0/10

14 Reviews
A new and modern masterpiece
There are things subject to opinion, but there are others that absolutely not... And much of what I have read about this perfume, is simply a lie.

First of all, I got it... So at least, I know perfectly what I am talking about: I don't write a review based on four snorts on a cardboard.

For me - without a doubt -, this perfume is at the highest level of designers quality... And in my honest opinion, one of the best recently launched: the definition of a modern masterpiece.

This perfume is deep and fresh, comforting and modern, creamy and elegant... A highly seductive fragrance. The main player here is musk, wrapped in sophistication, romanticism and mystery.


- Mood: Sensual, seductive, elegant, classy.

- Projection: Moderate. At the opening, it has the length of an arm ( 10h.

This scent acts as a deep cloud of refined musky aroma around you, for a looooong time.

... So if you really know the perfume, in no way will you believe the words of someone saying that it doesn't last:


- 1: The guy in question simply hasn't been tried the true perfume.

- 2: It's a simple lie.

- 3: His nose doesn't work or is broken; I have read that some people are not able to detect the smell of musk well, but I don't know if this is really true.

- 4: Maybe his body odor is so smelly that it exceeds the perfume; musk is a "bass" smell (making an analogy with sound), which can be completely masked with body odor, if it is excessive.

... But if you are a clean and neat person, this would not be a problem, right..?

It should be noted that this EDP version it is quite different from the EDT, which is the one that has a slight resemblance to TdH & Declaration. That doesn't happen in this EDP, although the versions still maintain some common DNA.

Between the two, I prefer the EDP: It's more elegant, more seductive and lasts longer, but the EDT hits and projects more in the opening, if you're looking for that. It's different... But a solid fragrance, too.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

320 Reviews
Still got the blues
Just listen to the famous song "Still got the blues " by Gary Moore and close your eyes: imagine the blue notes resounding in the darkness.
Well, now imagine all these things made scent: it's Narciso Rodríguez for him.
First of all I was attracted by the squared, minimal, refined and blue bottle "looking at me" by the drugstore's shelf : it seemed to me very classy and remined me of a contemporary version of some old chemist's bottles .
The moment I sprayed the scent I smelled the blues made perfume: vibrant, deep, but also soft , melancholy and plaintive. This effect is produced by the blue cedar, as vibrant and velvety as the sound of a jazz guitar , the dark and warm ebony note, similar to the sound of the bass, and the musk, giving a stronger character . Vetiver accents give a touch of freshness and lightness to this "olfactive ballad" wearable by a quite introverted but very classy man. It's a scent with a good sillage, but absolutely not heavy. It's a blue veil wearable by a woman too maybe by night for an unexpected androgynous effect. Put a touch of blue(s) in your life!
9.0 4.0 4.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    10
On the wings of the night
Three years ago I bought the then new "Bleu Noir" from Narciso Rodriguez on my summer vacation, almost blind. For the now still quite new EdP it was only enough for a detailed test - I like it almost better than its brother scent. It can happen that way sometimes. Similar to "Terre d'Hermes" the EdP behaves to the EdT - it dances waltzes instead of ChaChaCha, it is still a cedar charmer, but now more Barbados than mainland Greece. More sensitive and noticeably more moneytoes in the can. Gentle, wet kiss.

The airy musk DNA that characterises the brand is still there, and perhaps even stronger in EdP. It is the equivalent of the dream date by candlelight in your own beach hut on Mauritius. The wedding proposal already giggles behind the next tortoise. Bleu Noir EdP is delicate and elegant, noble and summery, blue and radiant. Maybe a little hard to grasp and flat-bosomed, but for many intimate moments and moonlight romance in general you don't always need the BFG from Doom. Gamers know what I mean.

Bleu Noir EdP is the perfect scent for your next visit to the aquarium - if you want to do it in a dark blue noble smoking. Sexy, grown-up and unobtrusive. With enough self-confidence to steal any pearl with you out of no matter how deep the clams. So whoever thinks of the Duty Free counter needs a scent for the Lobster Night in the five-star resort appearing on the horizon - tada, here we go!

Flacon: with its two dark blue tones, the almost luminous bottom and the usual thick glass - a dreamlike winner!
Sillage: highly tame, despite EdP
Durability: slightly less enduring than the EdT - 3-5 hours. In the end, however, only pure, transparent vetiver kisses a kind of sweet water lily.

Conclusion: more watery and summery than the EdT, as unexpected. And yet somehow nobler. A really successful feint and for me the more pleasant, finer version. Less wood, more blue. The South Sea Narciso. It's thick and you can't even tell. A touch of nobility. Sometimes wet dog - only the finest Wauwau of the world


Jazzy76 10 months ago
blue notes made scent: a wonderful accord of cedar, musk and ebony , longlasting but Always discrete.For an introverted but classy man+2
Itchynose 11 months ago
Beautiful vetiver and musk opening that ends up smelling of moisturizing hand cream.+1
Elysium 12 months ago
A cozy scent slightly reminiscent of Déclaration by Cartier, without the bitterness of the cardamom and caraway. Nice smooth, creamy & soapy+2
ScentsByKK 17 months ago
Soapy Woody Fresh...+1
IanFriedrich 18 months ago
It should call Noir Martin especially the scent is fresh, creamy. Not very groundbreaking, but it caught my attention. IMO, woman can try it+2

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