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Nasengold started in 2013 with its first fragrances #S and :P on the niche market. The Hamburg-based company was founded by Christian Plesch and his wife. Plesch is a classically trained perfumer (at Haarmann & Reimer in Holzminden) - accordingly, he places great emphasis on the craftsmanship of his compositions and the quality of the raw materials used. In this sense, Plesch takes a very "conservative" approach to the development of a fragrance.

Building on his knowledge of perfume history, Plesch, on the other hand, consciously sets a break from certain fragrance traditions and situates his works in the present. Embellishments, both literal and metaphorical, are not to be found in his products. His references are clearly the 21st century and the big city. Baroque lushness in fragrance construction is omitted in favor of sleek contemporary olfaction. There is also no gender classification of the fragrances.

The Nasengold fragrances are characterized by a preference for transparency and simplicity, but also by originality. This plays a major role together with the originality of the compositions. Not tested and oriented to the market, "author fragrances" are created - if you want to refer to this category. Nevertheless, they are supposed to be explicitly "wearable", i.e. to appeal to the usual function of perfume as "beautiful" or "attractive".

Recurring notes in the Nasengold fragrances include pepper, Iso E Super, cardamom, ginger, woods, and various fresheners such as grapefruit. The main note of a perfume is reflected in its name, where its initial letter is representative of it - for example, :P plays around the theme of pepper.

According to Plesch, his work is often inspired by music and painting. Honesty, simplicity and speed, but also the "cheekiness" and "dirtiness" of punk rock, for example, are reflected analogously in his fragrances in the rejection of "kitsch," such as might be attributed to vanilla notes or romantic floral chords. The nose gold scents express themselves in a certain clarity, which, however, additionally contains a small, perhaps surprising "dirt corner". Likewise, direct scent references to certain music and lifestyle styles with the help of beer notes, etc., are certainly not accidental.

The brand's name opens up fields of meaning that belong to the "nose" theme, but are not usually associated with perfume: Cocaine and Boogers. This is a nasengold-typical ironic break with a fine-spiritual fragrance tradition and the matching brand names or even perfume titles.

The names of the fragrances are equally unusual: two characters, one from the alphabet and one from punctuation, create a symbol that triggers onomatopoeic or visual associations. The abbreviated spelling in chats is alluded to in particular when :P is used to indicate a tongue sticking out.

The flacons appear in a characteristic cuboid shape made of glass. Through the container, the listed ingredients can be seen in sans-serif capital letters and justified type, following an overall aesthetic idea of transparency. The design is handled by Christian von der Heide, who is also based in Hamburg. There is no conventional lid, instead a clip is included for transport. The fragrances only go on sale in a 100 ml size.