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Interesting Facts

Alessandro Gualtieri, the creative head of the brand "Nasomatto" already had a penchant for special fragrances in his childhood. That's why he started combining various perfumes from well-known manufacturers (CK One, Gucci, Tom Ford, etc.) with everyday aromas while still at school. All kinds of fragrance samples from various fashion magazines also helped him develop his sense of sometimes unusual, but always fragrant scents. Alessandro Gualtieri learned the basics of the perfume world in Germany. This learned basic knowledge together with the passion for fragrances led to the foundation of the brand "Nasomatto" in 2007. Among the world's leading perfumers, Gualtieri likes to polarize. For example, he sometimes combines unusual essences or he refuses to disclose detailed ingredients.

The individual fragrances of the brand are described by Gualtieri according to their effect (which is probably not meant quite seriously). Thus, disrespectful behavior and hysteria are said to be triggered by the perfume "Absinthe". Equally unusual is the fragrance "Blamage", which is often described as "magical, but also creepy". But the most attention got the fragrance "Black Afgano" because this perfume also contains hashish. But these interpretations are part of the business model at "Nasomatto" because the company name translated means "crazy nose".

The bottles of the brand "Nasomatto" all have the same shape (square cube as a bottle at the bottom with the same size square cube as a cap at the top). Differences are found only in the color scheme and decoration of glass and caps. This creates a high recognition value for the lovers of "Nasomatto".
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