Baraonda (Extrait de Parfum) by Nasomatto

Baraonda 2016 Extrait de Parfum

16.04.2021 - 11:51 PM

Little drop of "Need you now"

I used to love listening hit made by Lady Antebellum - "Need You Now". After first sprays of this scent I thought that scene from that video clip was perfectly done for advertisement of "Baraonda". It is little bit on pricy side, but if you have chance to order "The God Father" by Alexandria Fragrances, you will be in great luck to get it for very decent price. Their pyramids are almost identical. Whisky + Ambroxan + Rose are the top 3 notes that hunts you for hours. Very boozy, woody and masculine fragrance. I love wearing "Treson La Nuit Nude" by Lancome and see ambroxan very similar with these two perfumes, but I can't see myself wearing "Baraonda". I'm my opinion, whisky notes are little bit overpowering for feminine scent. It is more dreamy, distant experience, that you only want to encounter, but you never will. This house makes surprising fragrances and “Baraonda” is one of them, it will confuse you for a minute, but it's full of character, boldness and longevity that lasts for hours. Be moderate on your applications. One drop is enough to make a statement.
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