Pichola by Neela Vermeire Créations
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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7.2 / 10 46 Ratings
Pichola is a perfume by Neela Vermeire Créations for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still available to purchase.
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Heart Notes Heart Notes Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac Rose absoluteRose absolute Orange blossom absoluteOrange blossom absolute Tuberose absoluteTuberose absolute Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes Benzoin absoluteBenzoin absolute Haitian vetiverHaitian vetiver DriftwoodDriftwood SandalwoodSandalwood


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Submitted by Kirthi, last update on 25.01.2023.
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CoViD comments, fourteenth piece: cheesecake.
This is my second attempt to approach the brand of Neela Vermeire (I have already written something about the brand in my commentary on "Niral"). Here, too, my impression continues that I don't think this indising Duchaufour series is bad, but that I won't like it too much (and not only because of the horrible bottles, the price of over 200 Euro per 60 ml and the short shelf life).

According to my test notes made before looking at the scent pyramid, Pichola opens with me vanilla-gourmanded, very bright and a little pointed. After the very first mess has settled down a bit, I have the vision of a really delicious, but not only with bio-dynamic ingredients, but also with vanilla sugar from Lidl and a really fat, thick, extra thick lemon flavoured oil from Dr. Oetker's vial of baked cheesecake.

After about thirty minutes, this sweet-citric and always a little bit exaggeratedly synthetic gourmandism is joined by floral and at some point slightly bitter notes (perhaps the "driftwood" indicated in the fragrance pyramid in a somewhat silly way), and in this not too strong, but still somehow full-bodied, radiant polygon of floral, citric and cheesecake-sweet notes (garnished with colorful driftwood shavings) continues until after about three hours there is little left and after five hours (despite two and a half sprays on the same spot) nothing more is going on.

The fragrance is undoubtedly rather feminine, and Frau von Spee found it sufficiently nice to incorporate the rest of her small collection, so that it did not find its way into my box of specimens for passing on to others.

Similar to the fragrance, there are seven points for the name, maybe more if I was more familiar with the covers. The names of the series are all somehow Indian, and Pichola is not a small champagne bottle, but a rather famous lake in India, on whose shores you can probably eat cheesecake very well and look at the driftwood floating in the lake.

Over the thin thematic bar of the cheesecake I get, feeling a little like J.P. Hebel, to my curfew suggestion of the day, if your apartment has been completely cleaned and tidied in the meantime and the photos of the last 40 years have been viewed and sorted.

We still own exactly 54 cookery books, after we have already dissolved all loose-leaf collections and some books. Maybe, depending on your age and the gift preferences of your friends, there are a little less, but I bet most of them have at least fifteen. We're going to make it so that we always take one to three cookbooks, starting with those that we intuitively (or because we've already cooked a few recipes from them that were nothing) don't like so much. Then we make ourselves comfortable and go through this small book selection recipe by recipe, which can be quite amusing. And in the process, we agree on which recipes are possible at all, and which get the stamp "stupid". Usually there are only about ten recipes left per cookbook and we agree that we want to try them again in this lifetime. These ten get a mark and are then cooked through one after the other, which is somehow win-win, since restaurant evenings are currently cancelled and due to the loss of many appointments and routines more free time than usual. Then from the 100 recipes of the book and the 10 of the shortlist at the end maybe 3 remain, which really turned out to be delicious. And exactly these three go into a "best-of collection" (folder or digital) and the whole remaining cookbook goes into the waste paper (if sauce stains on it) or (according to Corona) to Oxfam (if clean). And there is a lot of free space on the bookshelf. Only exclusively here on Parfumo, not on Marie Kondo!

And I'm going to go buy the ingredients for the next batch. Stay healthy!
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The princess might dance or she might not
'Dance', said the fairy maids, let us amuse the princess. So they danced for her, carrying gifts of citrus fruits, and armfuls of orange blossoms. The softness of their tiny feet and the billowing orangeflower petals all enveloping, and surrounding the princesses ornate embroidered bed, with it's sumptuous hanging folds of embroidered gold brocade, almost patchouli-like infused fabrics and tassels.

The corpulent tuberose princess just lay there idly with a large smile. 'No', said she. 'I'm resting'.

One by one, these little maids did their best to amuse her. They danced and swirled around the huge soft floral tuberose princess. Each one taking their turn to whirl their own scent around her. The linalool type wafts of clean and light airy scents trailed in complete contrast around the heady, soft, enveloping floral, real tuberose absolute centre, like little rays of bright swirling light.

'Go away', she said. 'I'm eating some turkish delight'. Proof of such emerged, the slightly sweet light rose type mixed with cardamom. The scent trails wafting gently through the saffron impregnated curtains.

The maids each tugged playfully at her heavy languishing body until she at last relented. Her huge floral presence emerged from the bed and danced lazily for a small while, enveloping all their more gentle sparkling natures. But she was huge, and she got tired easily. 'That's enough' she snapped. 'I'm going back to bed to sleep now, so please leave me'.

The light floral maids disobeyed at first, and sat disconsolately around the bed, but after a while, each smiled. and left gently and quietly, one by one. The curtains stayed still, and the wood of the bed became more apparent. The still warm, sweet, floral air lingered until, all too soon, the evening night came and there wasn't another peep. No-one came back, so the sweet scent gently faded away rather fast.

A very pretty, soft floral with an indian influence of saffron robes and sweet, heavy type woody sandalwood, with a vetiver or patchouli style base. Just as it seems heavy, it is also strangely light. I'm not fond of tuberose but it has a light hand here and doesn't go towards wet vase water at all.

The strangest part of this scent is that although it seems very well blended, there is a place in the centre where all the notes seem separate as if they were all sitting next to each other instead of mixed with each other. Most curious an effect, but I would wear this again. Nice, classic soft floral start, if a little short lived.
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