Leather Garden 2009

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Leather Garden is a popular perfume by Neil Morris Fragrances for women and men and was released in 2009. The scent is leathery-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation


Neil Morris

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Top Notes Top NotesBasil blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesHyacinthHyacinth
Lily of the valleyLily of the valley
Base Notes Base NotesLeatherLeather



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The leather allotment
The headquarters of the group of rockers from Herne around Wolle "Waschbär" Wollny was located in an allotment garden and this now imposed on the rockers to adapt here and to act in conformity with a well-kept garden. So far only empty beer crates and deposit-free beer cans from abroad piled up in the garden. After all built up to a maze, creativity was present. Now good advice was expensive. Hotte, however, was the solution to the riddle, he was the owner of a bottle of Leather Garden by Neil Morris. Unanimously they decided to follow the scents of the perfume and then they would already create a neat as well as presentable green. Wolle felt already very well in his new role, so he spoke whether the creation process of this garden already of a beer paradise and of elysian delights, if a new crate beer found the way into the clubhouse.

So they started off with a case or eight of beer, "who left their oily leather rag here again?"
"That's the opener, wool."
"Has what, so everyone thinks we were tinkering with our machines instead of drinking here."
"Wool, everyone here knows you can hardly drive after our carousing here. The smell doesn't help."
"Besides, it quickly becomes rather green and floral, absolutely not sweet but rather harsh."
"True, I only noticed blueberry for a few moments, but then quickly turned sour."
"Okay, friends, so let's plant blueberries."
"The leather underneath is clear though, how do we implement that?"
"Art. Modern art. We soak leather rags in oil and this arrangement we put up. Right next to the beer scare."

"Now it's getting very flowery! I notice the hyacinth! That green, leafy element that dominates!"
"Wool, were you at the Federal Garden Show the other day or where did you get the knowledge?"
"I'm not only drinking for the rainforest but also for the local flora and fauna."
"Now it's getting too rosy for me, I'm not a bachelor!"
"I think so too, although this interplay has something. I like it."
"So we'll just plant these flowers all together in a bed shaped
Of beer bottles."
"Hotte, you're brilliant! And instead of water, we'll use beer for watering!"
"Wolle, the poor flowers won't get anything from your thirst!"

They continued to flatten and lay out the garden, Totty brought various leather utensils with him from which you created artistic sculptures.
"Totty, tell me, where did those masks and riding whips come from?"
"My brother has them in the basement, he's part of a medieval disguise troupe. That's why he has the rack and all there."
But all at once the scent weakened, the oily element remaining as the only one, making the scent more beautiful because the harsh floral, the rich bitter green, that could be too much.

"Say, where did the Leather Garden go? I only smell a little oil now after the few hours of work."
"It's already gone over it on me, it just smells tartly floral."
"What are we going to do now? Tear it all down again?"
"Whatever, I'm not getting the flowers out of the bed though! Wool already watered those and it wasn't water. Or beer."
"We can leave the flowers and maybe one of the leather gloves."
A day later, inspection of the clubhouse by the allotment chairman, Wolle explains the garden, "You know, we've installed a new glove there..."
"Wolle, actually it's just become more beer crates but-moment! Those flowers there are new and how big they are! All credit to you! What's your secret?"
"We water these regularly."
"Aha, what kind of miracle water is that? I'd love a bottling of that."
"Uh, yes...."
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This is a beautiful scent - for me, very strong at first, but shortly mellowing down into a lovely combination of floral with a backbone of leather and wood earthiness underneath. I can't discern any one floral from the bunch of notes listed - it just reminds me of a lovely noseful of a florists bouquet. The basenotes are so mellow and perfectly compliment the florals.

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