Seven (Eau de Parfum) by Nejma

Seven 2010 Eau de Parfum

11.11.2015 - 04:15 PM

Nejma 7, a Caribbean vibe in the Orient

Nejma 7 by Nejma, my first experience with an oriental tinged scent, is also my favorite!
When I read the composition of fragrance notes, I was delighted. Mediterranean raw materials have always attracted me, especially citrus fruits and orange blossom (neroli), the use of the latter going back to the famous history of the Moors in Spain and Portugal. Neroli, known back then as Flor de Azahar, was widely used, both at court as elsewhere.
The citrusy fragrance of Nejma 7 is the first note to emerge, but unlike the fresh and cooling kind of citrus, belonging to summer eau de colognes, this one exudes a feeling of heat on the skin, as if it has been brewing and stewing in the afternoon sun, becoming something like candied dried fruit in the courtyard of a Moorish villa.
I smell a pleasing amber aroma, no vanilla and no dominant patchouli. At first I feared that the combined chocolate - coconut notes would create a sort of cheap and sugary Bounty choco-coco bar effect, cloying and syrupy, but fortunately this was not the case at all.
This is truly a very well balanced citrusy Oriental scent for ladies of all ages. The Oud is barely there, yet just enough to give the whole an Oriental finishing touch, because without Oud and Patchouli, this would've become a Caribbean style olfactory creation!
Nejma 7 matches perfectly as a fragrance with my cobalt blue Abaya from Tunisia, beautifully decorated with golden sequins: this may sound somewhat 'cliché', but in my mind I'm still dreaming of a Moorish prince, carrying me away on his thoroughbred Arabian horse...
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