Attar 96 Majmua by Nemat International

Attar 96 Majmua

20.08.2021 - 04:27 AM

A, mazing… legit, AMAZING!

Apparently, Majmua is ‘the smell of India’. It is the most famous perfume in all of India and is worn on the reg by virtually everyone. So famous in fact that the majority of folks who live there refer to basically any attar as ‘majmua’. If I lived in India I would not like this scent but, being from the States, nobody is going to be wearing this and it smells in so many words, fucking awesome dude… the most complex aroma, deep, ambery in its dry down and just straight up, exotic. No other way to explain it. You can tell that this is clearly from another country but so, so well constructed. There is a ton a skill poured into this with decades of experience. Majmua is nose candy for endless hours. It is a spiritual and calming experience that needs to be worn in tiny quantities to truly be enjoyed. I’m sure that if someone slathered this on it would be horrendous and would completely ruin what the original perfumer had intended. It is a very dense and demanding aroma that’s romantic and enticing, very very mysterious in nature. Majmua says come to me. It’s intoxicating to the maximum to say the least! Really a superbly heavenly scent. I could wax and wane about this until you’ll eventually hit the back button. It’s that far out.

I’ve been smelling attars for years from various middle eastern perfume houses until recently I had made a purchase of a loose oil from Ajmal from a wonderful Seller on eBay located in India that had included a 2.5ml mini of Nemat’s Majmua 96, the original genuine uncut formula. I was floored when I first smelled this. So much so that the phenomenal Ajmal that I had received was far overshadowed by this mysterious and exotic perfume oil. I’m floored with this. Easily a signature scent worn discreetly of course.

It smells bitter, very dark, soapy, indolic and very green from the teeny tiny flacon. A mere pin drop swipe of this otherworldly and heavenly creation revealed a complex affair of some exotic and indolic white floral based onto deep rooty vetiver, oakmoss amongst other strange things I still cannot place to my complete surprise. I’m not lying, I’m blown away by this oil, it’s ‘that’ good. Seriously if you packed this into a heavy but handsome crystal presentation including a velvet lined box and all, easily $300. It’s mesmerizing this oil. It is a very strange scent but, strange and intriguing in the best way imaginable. So beyond unusual that there’s literally nothing to compare it to. This is a one off of a perfume. It is so intoxicating, and so soothing, and so calming in it’s delivery. Damnit I swear to you this smells exactly like a burning incense stick. It smells like incense but the most ethereal incense you’ve ever smelled.

I don’t know how something this beautiful and natural smelling could possibly be at this price point but it is, amazing. As a whole, this incredibly, ‘incredibly’ complex concoction smells of incense, burning incense, like that of nag champa. When you seriously start to break it down it’s a mix of 4 famous soliflore attars from India blended into a sandalwood base. If consists of Indian Kadam, a night blooming crazy looking flower that resembles poppy, totally intoxicating in its delivery. Resembles night blooming jasmine flower, very very heady and indolic. Ruh Khus which is vetiver hence the color of the oil. Indian Kewda which is some sort of Indian palm that produces fruits that smells rosy like and Indian Mitti which resembles clay, in fact I think it’s clay. All of this has a heavy, natural and incredibly well blended base of genuine deep dark oakmoss. The whole experience is killer… ‘killer’!

The final outcome is a wonderfully aromatic, deep black base of earthy greens and this super awesome exotic white floral. Really stunning this odor. I’ve never in my life smelled anything like this, ever, and I’ve smelled a lot. A teeny tiny drop is all you need. You will reek of the most exquisite incense while wearing this. For real, smells exactly like incense. I mean if this isn’t a hippies wet dream of a perfume then I just don’t know what. Frankly, I’m floored with this!

To sum it up. This Majmua is an over the top pleasant aroma. So soothing, so comforting, so friendly and, so earthy deep dark. It is unisex although I find this leans far masculine and I’m a dude. As mentioned before, you only need a pin drop, this is some intensely potent stuff that lasts for ages on the skin. I’m certain that this creates very long sillage. No musk in this by the way which is why I enjoy it that much more. Kudos 10 fold to Nemat. Never would’ve thought I could find a diamond in this wonderful world of perfumery for $10, and, it’s from India so you know it’s already going to be awesome!
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