Pink Friday 2012 Eau de Parfum

Pink Friday (Eau de Parfum) by Nicki Minaj
Bottle Design Lance McGregor
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Pink Friday (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Nicki Minaj for women and was released in 2012. The scent is fruity-sweet. It was last marketed by Elizabeth Arden. Pronunciation
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The advertising campaign was photographed by Howard Huang.
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Flacon of horror
Hey guys, how are you doing? Today I'm sharing something about Pink Friday by the brand Nicki Minaj, the famous rap queen whose first, completely original album was also called Pink Friday. It's no surprise that celebrities release their own fragrances, of course I'm sure here that the fragrances aren't composed by them (anyway, most are more likely to commission a fragrance). Maybe this is also the reason why many celebrity fragrances can sometimes be really bad, if you just want to bring out "something with your own celebrity name" (although again, you can also find quite good fragrances among such perfumes, like "Still" by Jennifer Lopez).

Anyway, the first thing that stands out here directly are neither the name nor the fragrances, but the bottle. It has a small resemblance to the Gaultier flacons (you know, those flacons in the shape of a woman's bust or body... yes yes, who needs nen head when you can have the breasts, right?... :DDD), but here you can see a head instead of the torso, which in my opinion pulls the bottle down quite a bit, because the head looks so creepy, I think... :D Sure, Nicki herself has an extravagant and extremely overdrawn look, which is certainly not everyone's cup of tea (including me), but that's her image and trademark and it seems to work. But what just does not work, at least in my opinion, is the transfer of the look to the bottle, which almost looks like ne poorly made tomb mask of a pharaoh than sexy to act :D

Well anyway, it comes, whether you believe it or not, on the inner values, right? (Pah, who believes it, but with fragrances this seems to be true after all, mu ha ha ha). Well, then I apply me the fragrance times and yes, let's see how the so smells!

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts sweet, fruity and synthetic. Of the fruits, you smell a mix of pear, general berries, some tangerine and a little watermelon. The scents smell somehow not very authentic, but more aromatic-gum-like, which is still okay, because it smells not bad, but just comes across rather girlie. The sillage is on par with many mainstreamers, such as the Gaultier scents I mentioned earlier. For me, there are two types of synthetics, the grotty synthetic note that drags down every fragrance and makes it look like a 2 euro cheap fragrance, or the normal synthetic note that you don't like either, but at least you don't run away from it. Here it is still okay, but somehow I fear that it could be worse in the base, but we'll see.
Anyway, the fragrance as described is also very sweet, most of this sweetness comes from the jasmine, next to it is also a little bit of vanilla smellable.
After a while, the fruity notes are somewhat weaker, the sweetness remains as before, but becomes "darker", by which I mean that you can now smell the musk instead of jasmine increased. The vanilla also becomes stronger, which also makes the fragrance more powdery and softer. This also makes the scent warmer towards the base. In the base, the scent then stays as just described and surprisingly doesn't smell bad at all, at least for such a sugary scent. And I also find it good that the synthetic does not increase further. All in all, so quite okay!

The sillage and the durability:
The sillage is okay to slightly weak, from further away you will not perceive the fragrance so well, although it exudes quite room-filling at first. The durability is quite good with six to seven hours.

The bottle:
Soo, as described in the beginning, the bottle has the shape of a woman's torso, including the head. While the torso is actually okay (but you can argue about the choice of clothing), so I find the head less successful. This is because the face has been completely gilded and that seems kind of weird when it's extremely shiny from every angle, but also casts shadows and well... I don't know, it doesn't look that nice to me. As I said, I even find it quite creepy under some exposures, like a monster from a horror movie coming and staring at you with its empty eyes and wanting to get... :D

Okay, the fragrance here is now nothing soo special, but extremely bad he is just not. Actually, I even find that he smells quite good for a "typical mainstreamer". He will therefore certainly have his fans, and maybe not only girlies :D
Especially those who like quite sweet scents might like it, even though I think the scent might appeal more to the younger ones among you (if there are younger ones among you, mu ha ha :DDD ... that was a joke!!!! :DD) might appeal, but like I said I think it might appeal to the.... Older among you might like it,... you just have to overlook the ugly bottle when testing it.

But I still find that there are slightly better made fragrances in this direction, such as Pink Sugar or some of the Juicy Couture fragrances like Juicy Sucré, but that is ultimately also just a matter of taste. A test is not mandatory, but also can not hurt to have tested it once.

There's nothing more to say here, so I come to the end and wish you all a pleasant evening, until then :)
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Pink Friday On the Way To Work
A happy bright fruity floral, slightly melon to me. In a zany bottle, (well something had to be different about it) with a quiet to medium trail but fades quickly to a quiet trail and which doesn't last a long time - it just wasn't there after half an hour. hmm the only memorable thing about it is the bottle.

It is uplifting to spray on but I would treat it more as an after shower spritz after squash, or before bed, if you like fruity floral it does have a burst of zing which I very much, but fleetingly, enjoy (much like Evodia spritzes). Doesn't have the tartness or piquancy of the L'Occitane citruses.
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