Carmen by Nimerè


04.04.2021 - 06:29 AM

A classic mystery

Carmen is a perfume that belongs to the category of classic beauties. Carmen is elusive seductive which makes her misunderstood. Unusual and mysterious. Modest, maybe even shy, and at the same time cheeky and provocative. Loved by those who also see her inner beauty, but rejected by others' hatred and jealousy. Nikolay convert the complexity of her beauty in this perfume.
This fragrance is dedicated to Carmen. Anyone who has read Prosper Mérimée's novel, heard Bizet's opera or have seen the magnificent ballet staged by Alberto Alonso knows that it has long inspired many artistic creators in several ways. Does Carmen brings lust or desire in this perfume? Nikolay's words “wear with care” can be confusing for many. I think Carmen can only make you more confident. More precisely, this is a dress that fits perfectly! Carmen is an experienced woman, complex , intriguing, extrovert. She seduces, her aim is to play people off against each other to gain for her own profit. But no one knows what lies hidden behind this competitive behavior ...
Carmen understands how to handle her opponents. She is pure, and whoever is looking for a simple love affair based on lust will be disappointed. Why? Because Carmen desires to be with those who don't want her for her seductive behavior nor for her body. She is are her. Carmen longs for deeper friendship, she is your mirror even when you are in denial. The moment you finally decide that you cannot compete with her, she shows who she really is. Her sharp temperament turns into a rose so beautiful that you have to smell it to believe that it is real.
Carmen brings me back to my inner self. A person who does not mind being alone; enjoying what life has to offer, moment by moment. Carmen develops on my skin as the most warm and soothing companion imaginable, like she's my second skin : it makes my inner glow and my body, mind and soul become one. Some might call it an delusion, but only when the battle is over then the pain will be gone ... Carmen is here to stay. No rivalry but best friends for a lifetime.

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