Deci Delà 1994Eau de Toilette Concentrée

Deci Delà (Eau de Toilette Concentrée) by Nina Ricci
Bottle Design Elisabeth Garouste, Mattia Bonetti
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Deci Delà (Eau de Toilette Concentrée) is a perfume by Nina Ricci for women and was released in 1994. The scent is fruity-spicy. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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7.8 (4 Ratings)


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7.8 (5 Ratings)


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Submitted by Violaodorata, last update on 22.10.2020.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Deci Delà (Eau de Toilette) by Nina Ricci, which differs in concentration.
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About champagne and sensuality
I will explain this association below, until then I ask for patience and some understanding for the spreading of my scent past :-)

Deci Dela crossed my path in the '90s. Back then, at the beginning of the 90s, Jil Sanders Sun was at the top of the hit list of summer fragrances - it smelled like it at every corner. I liked the scent and I owned it at first, but with time it was no longer individual enough for me. An alternative had to be Laura by Laura Biagiotti, at that time still quite new on the market, already owned my girlfriend, crap :-/ Then there was novh Eden by Cacharel: at that time an ambivalent fragrance for me. On the one hand I was enchanted by the bright floral chords, on the other hand I found the green scent components pungent and sharp. Too risky for my tight budget.
And then Deci Dela crossed my path. It smelled so completely different from what the mainstream did, namely fruity, flowery, cheerful and unweighted. I know I got a lot of compliments for Deci Dela. My bottle accompanied me through two summers, but was then replaced by Benetton's Tribù... a gift. So I didn't buy Deci Dela any more, because I couldn't afford new perfumes all the time. For me, every single fragrance was always a luxury; perfumes were mainly Christmas or birthday gifts. And not always went and go wishes come true ;-)

Deci Dela, I forgot the name, but I didn't forget the playful bottle. In the last months I have gone on a rarity hunt: once again sniffing at the treasures (!) of the past. While browsing and researching Deci Dela occurred to me again, although I haven't thought about it for a long time. It took some lateral thinking to get the name back on my screen. Probably I first had to tick off the perfume of Donna Karan and Cristobal of Balenciaga on my retro wish list to uncover the memory of other nostalgia fragrances.

So, now I've got a miniature, the Concentree.
It's a pity that I didn't remember until now, because besides my retrotour on the net in the past weeks I also searched for an "everlasting" summer scent. Thanks to Parfumo I've also found what I was looking for.

But now I am completely off my game, because Deci Dela is the absolute highlight for me, which connects nostalgia with the "here and now".
Do you know the Jules Mumm advertisement, in which a few young women, dressed lightly, sit together, nibble grapes and drink their champagne. A man's voice calls from offstage, admonishes - I believe - to leave. The girls are laughing: no, not now, it's just too nice...
I think Deci Dela reflects this carefree mood! It tickles and exhilarates, is fruity and tangy, not sticky and sweet, not heavy or even pompous, but has the stamina that most summer fragrances lack. All the fruits and flowers are harmoniously matched, so Deci Dela doesn't just smell like fruit baskets. The flowers don't stand out too much, they blend into the scent. I most clearly notice a sweet rose and frescoes, altogether it is light flowers that make the perfume shine. Juicy raspberries and I suspect also red currants together with light peach form the fruity component. It is sweet, but not synthetic, not sticky sweet. The charming thing is this balance of acidity and the natural sweetness of fresh fruit. This makes the fragrance tingly and incredibly refreshing. Besides, Deci Dela is pleasantly powdery, but it doesn't dust a bit! In my opinion, Deci Dela is not elegant, not champagne, but by no means trivial teenage water! The depth of this magical creation is provided by a very natural, almost unsweet vanilla, which is joined by sandalwood and patchouli. The components of the base note do not push themselves forward, they rather have the effect of the pinch of salt in the cake dough and underline the lightness of the fragrance composition.
Chypre? Not with this variant. There's no scratching in the nose here.
All in all Deci Dela looks cheerful, carefree, vetspielielt, innocent, sensual and therefore quite sexy to me. It is not a lascivious fragrance that is beguiling with its subtle eroticism, or one that is preceded by an eroticism like a figurehead. Deci Dela reminds us of the radiant, disarming laughter of a man whose heart is just overflowing with happiness. The most beautiful thing there can be about a human being!
Nevertheless, this perfume is complex enough to be worn by women beyond the age of 30, 40, 50 .... without appearing silly: Happiness knows no age!
It fits well into everyday life in a sparingly dosed way and applied a little more courageously, it's perfect for parties, but in my opinion not for opera balls.
Deci Dela is therefore not a classic Wummser, with whose Sillage one communicates his arrival to his whole environment. The Sillage remains relatively close to the body, radiating just enough to be perceived by people approaching you a little closer, standing or sitting next to you. And I think that's really good! But he keeps this level up for several hours before it fades.

Deci Dela hit me hard, obviously stronger than almost 25 years ago! I wonder now how I could ever forget the name.
So how do I get supplies??? Fatal matter :-/

Heieiei, dear spouse of the gods, I apologize already now for the fact that I will thumb through the net even more intensively soon than before. After all, it is the first vintage that you like and that doesn't let you turn up your nose! Your nose on my neck, I'll give you anything for that :-D

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