Phileas (Eau de Toilette) by Nina Ricci

Phileas 1984 Eau de Toilette

22.09.2021 - 08:47 PM

Woody Lime clone

I suppose if you mix bergamot, lemon and green notes with juniper, it could approximate to lime.

I say ‘approximate to lime’; and for that, dihydromyrcenol would come in handy, which Good Scents describes as : fresh, citrus, lime, floral, clean, cologne, and weedy.

It sounds like a general description of Phileas to me – minus the dry woods, evergreens and dark leather base.

But - wait a minute, Phileas appeared in 1984, did dihydro exist back then? Yes, a patent for ‘the preparation of dihydromyrcenol’ was granted at Houston Texas to the Shell Oil Company, in 1981. [Wikipedia]

‘An approximation to lime with woody, green, and mossy-leather notes’ Phileas could be good for those who are looking for a lime scent that sticks around longer than a Mayfly; but of course, if a lime cologne did go on for ages it might well feel a bit linear, and lack depth or complexity.

Which is basically what you’ve got here; a rather linear, lime smelling thing with evergreens and a woody-leather base; or if you like, a drawn out woody-lime cologne.
As always, put it on cloth to spin out the head notes.

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