Hacivat by Nishane

Hacivat 2017

22.07.2021 - 02:32 PM

Shy like the shadow player

Reviewing a 2021 batch that simply skips the top notes, just a hint of ephemeral citruses with a nuance of a capricious shy pineapple missing most of the time and clearly dominated by the woody-mossy notes, and yes you're already and promptly submerged in a rather shy and leashed long lasting drydown, more than 10hours of earthy woody mossy ambiance with some sweetness popping from time to time making the experience more sensual, sensual and very masculine but polarizing, since i received some negative feedbacks from the ladies in a short period of wearing
I like the scent, a pleasant masculine all rounder, but being -like most men- a sucker for pineapple fruity note i feel let down, it hurts me to get more pineapple and projection from the utterly synthetic nose-scratching Club de nuit than from Hacivat
I dont care if its reformulated or not, this is what i have, and it seems that the real -bouncing all the time- Hacivat is gone, all that is left is the shadow player behind his karagoz doll, shy and behind the curtains all the time...
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