Mūsīqá Oud by Nishane

Mūsīqá Oud 2014

01.02.2018 - 11:19 AM
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Marvelous oud perfume from Istanbul

It is with great pleasure that I discover more perfumes from the Nishane brand originating in Istanbul. Recently, I've been wearing "Musiqa Oud" and I must admit that it is a real olfactory music for my ears. Thick, intense, step by step majestically revealing its chords. It stands out from many other European oudish perfumes. The realism of the aroma makes it shifting towards the Middle East aesthetics. The smell opens up like a dented resin-fruit chord, a bit tanninous, a bit towards a strong, dense bourbon, which gradually transforms into the central oud theme as the minutes pass. This chord - in a manner which is characteristic to very concentrated perfumes ("Musiqa Oud" is an "extract de parfum" - concentration is higher than that of eau de parfum) - is blooming on skin gradually with each quadrant. It is acquiring power and clarity. In its woody, sweet-resinous heart it smells like Dior's "Oud Leather", but it is less obtrusive and much more acceptable to me. Less animalic and persevering, more resinous and sweet. The heart lasts here for a few hours (yes!) to finally give the way to the dry-wood base - the one I like the most. It is dominated by guaiac and sandalwood, both strengthened by cypriol which seems to be almost irreplaceable in such compositions. Still, an echo of the animal's heart can be smelled in the base. "Musiqa Oud" smells rather close to the skin (as it is usually with extrait de parfume). It let's me enjoying its extraordinary beauty without overwhelming people around me. The base lasts on the skin more than 24 hours. The smell of the fragrance is perfectly highlighted by the dark brown color of the liquid, which is so saturated that it almost looks dense. To sum it up: fantastic perfume with a connoisseur's charm. Especially for the fans of oud -
it is necessary to test. I personally love it.
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