Ege / Αιγαίο by Nishane

Ege Αιγαίο 2020

17.12.2020 - 02:37 PM
Helpful Review

Great Performance!

Nishane Ege is an aquatic style fragrance like AdG Profumo or Bulgari Aqua.

Here is how you can imagine it:
Take Aqua di Gio Profumo and remove the incense. Then tune up some bright notes and make it slightly more unisex. Next add a little bit of Creed Green Irish Tweed for some green notes to it. Finally you finish the fragrance off with some mediterranean flavor and anis (the smell of ouzo).

Nishane Ege won't win an innovation award for introducing something radically new, but smells pretty good and is a strict summer scent that hits its theme quite good. As mentioned above it is unisex with a slight masculine touch.

Is it better than other aquatics? I'm not sure. So far I like Ege a lot. With its incense note Profumo isn't necessarily THE summer scent and Bulgari Aqua is a bit boring. Of course, I haven't tried all niche aquatic fragrances available out there so take this into consideration.

However, Nishane Ege really shines in the performance area. Easily the best performing fresh scent that I've tried so far. Applied in the morning and could still smell it the next day afternoon. RECORD. I guess the Extrait de Perfume concentration helps.
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