Alla Corte del Re - Cedro Atlas III: Robinson 2009

Alla Corte del Re - Cedro Atlas III: Robinson by Nobile 1942
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Alla Corte del Re - Cedro Atlas III: Robinson is a popular perfume by Nobile 1942 for men and was released in 2009. The scent is fresh-woody. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart NotesRosemaryRosemary
Base Notes Base NotesAtlas cedarAtlas cedar
Gaiac woodGaiac wood



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Teenage Fantasies
What kind of fragrances do teenage boys wear? Maybe the answer is not the same for all countries, but at least in Germany, I see a certain tendency towards strong, sweetish orientals: Le Mâle, One Million and the like – anything that makes the environment take notice. Apparently, these “fully grown” scents are bound to compensate the shortcomings of their wearers.

The three beautiful A la Corte del Re: Cedro Atlas fragrances were originally described as perfumes for teenage boys by Nobile 1942. They are available only as a set of 3 x 30 ml, and they come in a beautiful coffret which also includes an instructive brochure in English with lots of information about their use in particular, and also perfumery basics. It could be a nice start into a lifelong addiction. But in fact, these fragrances are not made for teenagers at all, they appeal perfectly to their aunts and uncles, parents or grandparents looking for a nice present!

None of these fragrances is in any way strong – they have only Eau de Cologne strength; I think they are highly diluted. This makes sense to me: don't worry if your little nephew will try this gift right on the spot – they are absolutely impossible to overapply!

According to Nobile 1942, each of these little gems is fitting into a special situation. No. 3: Robinson is meant for evening wear and for “romantic dates”. For this occasion, the cedar wood is combined with a litte bit of vetiver, and very faint musk and patchouli provide minimum presence. A discreet citrus is at the top, and only a week herbaceous note in the heart gives it a general fougère appeal. It also has a very slight booziness, such as you can find much stronger in Jasper Conran's Mister or Lubin's Itasca. The overall character is dark, woody-aromatic, but somehow transparent and iridescent. I would not call it powdery.

But is it sexy? Well, it depends! Something is missing, and that would be a natural ingredient – the odour of its wearer. Being so discreet as it is, it rather supports the natural body scent of a teenager than incorporating a statement of its own. It has almost no sillage, one would have to come very close – that's what it was intended for! It is great for snuggling against somebody, but it will surely fail at a night out at a club.

Nobile 1942 is still selling these coffrets under the series name “A la corte del re”. There is a set of rose scents for girls, and they have also come out with something gourmand recently. Personally, I enjoy these fragrances a lot – if they would only have more strength! But they are really beautiful, and I have them on my list if I ever should need a present for a teenage boy.
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