Chypre 1942 (Eau de Parfum) by Nobile 1942

Chypre 1942 2011 Eau de Parfum

30.12.2011 - 08:24 PM

Not every perfume labelled Chypre is a Chypre

But this is not so important. Even if I do not find the typically mossy base that I always connect to Chypre in this fragrance – it is a wonderful perfume that reminds me of the Carthusia fragrances. And just because bergamot plays a role in the top note it is not necessarily a Chypre fragrance to me.

Chypre 1942 does start citric and fruity, but the top note leaves a „friendly“ impression due to the effectively used orange blossom. This sounds flowery, fruity and nice - but Nobile does not leave it like that since this fragrance is dramatic.

Chypre 1942 has a pronounced and expressive heart note with a tuberose background. Again, this note is discreet, but nevertheless explicit and thus, provides the frame for all other notes. Storax resin is the part that provides the recognition value that Ergoproxy mentioned in the German Parfumo. I totally agree. It is this effect that has hauled up this fragrance to my wishlist since with the base note, this aura is not removed - it is amplified. So, this fragrance experiences a wonderfully beautiful and harmonious escalation until it dries down, and it shows a longevity that one would never have dreamed of at the first encounter with the top note.

In my view, this is grand. This is the way I like fragrances: With a clear remarkable progression but with harmonic development and without changing directions.

Translation: Apicius

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