Malìa by Nobile 1942

Malìa 2015

20.01.2022 - 07:16 PM

Marjoram flower fruity chypre

Malia opens with fruits and florals with a distinct marjoram flower note. Marjoram here smells like the fresh flower not the dried leaves you tend to buy for cooking. It immediately takes me to a herb garden. Fruits are a mix of flavours reminding me of fruit mix sweets called bon pari. Perhaps there is more of the zesty green, yellow and orange ones and less of the red berry ones. There is light spiciness from pink pepper which intensifies later when black pepper joins in. Flowers join in, again well blended and hard to distinguish each one. Chypre base comes last, again well blended. On my skin it projects well for 6 hours and then settles in a skin scent, rubbed on clothes it lasts ages. I slightly prefer it in summer because of the marjoram and zesty fruits but it is not a typical summer scent and I can easily wear it in winter during the day. It is different enough not to be a boring perfumery scent but not too artisan and pretty safe for most. I would say it is feminine leaning, but there might be men brave enough to pull this one off.
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