Norell (1968) (Perfume) by Norell

Norell 1968 Perfume

Version from 1968
16.04.2019 - 03:46 AM

Vintage beast!

I remember I did a blind buy of this fragrance about ten years ago or so, it came with the body wash & lotion. I remember purchasing it because it was/still is very affordable & I said wth not?

When I first smelled this, it definitely is a vintage type fragrance if I could use that term ever so loosey... I knew from the first spray that this would not be for me as it is too floral with carnation & gardenia taking over & those are two florals that I detest so I put it up & never touch it again until about a few weeks ago.

A lovely fragrance friend of mine who lives out in the bay area in Cali loves vintage style frags so I gathered up a nice package with some samples & sent her the set, she was thrilled with this fragrance as she loves it. I am glad someone will get good use out of it & will actually enjoy it because I knew I was not.

I will give this fragrance credit for having good projection & longevity especially given the price point. I do enjoy my vintage types of fragrances, but this is a big thumbs down for me!

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