Prodigieux Floral - Le Parfum 2021

Prodigieux Floral - Le Parfum by Nuxe
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7.6 / 10 20 Ratings
Prodigieux Floral - Le Parfum is a popular perfume by Nuxe for women and was released in 2021. The scent is floral-citrusy. It is still available to purchase.
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Top Notes Top Notes GrapefruitGrapefruit
Heart Notes Heart Notes MagnoliaMagnolia Orange blossomOrange blossom
Base Notes Base Notes White muskWhite musk
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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 14.12.2022.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 37  
XXX on the beach? No on the blossom!
Today was seeeee a day! The day of the little bee Wannabe Bumbleby! He was ready to pimp all the flower girls!

All the fresh ones.
All the cuties.
All the single ladies.

He had already put on his gold chain with the giant dollar sign, glued his Brilli to his tooth, and like his cousin Willi, shaved his hair off on the sides.

Otherwise, he actually had a sunroof on his head. But he had heard that the ladies thought bald guys were gaaaaaay razor hot.

So what did it matter that he had a round bee-beer belly, large debts to the pollen bank, and actually complexes up to the moon.

For today was seeeeee a day!

Only he saw nothing without his glasses.
There also the Brilli brought him nothing.

On the way he already met the first.
The fresh pink grapefruit blossom.
But wait, since he could see so poorly, he didn't know if that was a flower lady or possibly a grapefruit-flavored Fanta soda.
Still, mega-fresh.
Before he could talk to her or pass more, though, she was gone.

Crap, he had to buy contacts, but he was back to being more blank than he had been in a long time. ...And there was the debt to the pollen bank. Manoman.

It didn't work out with the jobs either. ... he was just so clumsy. And he said everything he thought. A fact that always got him into a lot of trouble
Yeah, what the hell... Maybe he could dust off a round of pollen today after all.

On the way, he actually met the beautiful Magnolia. Her beauty was so unique that when he smelled her, he remembered her again. A slight citrusy creaminess accentuated her fresh yet so well-groomed beauty. Even though he couldn't see her clearly, he knew it had to be her. Yet he didn't dare approach her.

He the little Wannabe, she the beautiful Magnolia. So he let her go. And remembered only her enchanting scent.

He gathered up all his courage and walked past Madame O's garden yet. She certainly wouldn't push him off the edge of the bed. After all, she appealed to a wide demographic with her full-bodied orange blossom scent.

But wait a minute. Ohhhh meeeinnn Gooott! Today was a full moon and who was standing there by Madame O just as he entered the garden?

The old pollen collector, the musk ox Haudium. He promptly took the gold chain, the brilli and the last of the pollen from him and asked him what he was doing here.

Whew... "I was here to howl at the moon..." replied Wannabe. He wasn't getting out of that act so easily.

"The moon?" replied Haudium. "You're not a wolf, are you?"
"Identity crisis..." replied Wannabe.
"And that's supposed to help?" asked Haudium.
"Sure," replied Wannabe. "When you have so many problems and complexes up to the moon like I do, it's the best therapy to shout out the woes of everyday life and forget about them... and eventually the darkness becomes your friend."

... and what happened next was strange.

The musk ox simply left Madame O standing there with her full-bodied orange mouth and great fragrant orange skin....

... and howled deep into the night with Wannabe, giving off his sweetest scent to forget the harsh, the unfair, the unbearable life.

... and sometimes, all at once, Wannabe thought to himself, an unexpected friendship was sweeter after all than a trivial, fleeting flirtation with flowers.

... and sometimes it was the unsuspected friends who reminded you that life was more than just bees and flowers, pollen and trouble.

... all while enjoying an unforgettably delicious grapefruit fanta.

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Very helpful Review 12  
A touch of Nuxe..
Since no one has yet found, who reviews this fragrance, I'm just like the ? First :)

I like yes for some time the oils of the company Nuxe and of it is just the Florale oil, which corresponds to this fragrance very similar. Somehow I feel after showering and rubbing with just this oil really great cared for and the scent has something very vitalizing and youthful in itself. I am now just over 40 and have also read that the scent of grapefruit makes you appear younger. Whether that's true, let me stand so.... :)

I have also since I use the oil always wished to have the matching fragrance, but so far there was unfortunately not. How I was happy when I saw on Instagram that they finally have it now!

Already liked the classic fragrance quite and find it mega that Nuxe relies on not quite so toxic fragrances. The fragrances can even be used without concern in the sun.

So the next purchase directly in the pharmacy, once Probegeschnüffelt and the fragrance immediately taken :)

There is no extreme fragrance development here now. The fragrance smells from start to finish very invigorating , fresh grapefruit and musk and some mineral notes and is later still a little creamy. More is my nose unfortunately not able to herauszuriechen.

Even if it is not now the great perfume art, I find the fragrance very very nice and also always portable, if one times after youthful freshness is.

I prefer to wear it but still in very warm temperatures or for sports or when I need a great freshness kick in the morning, because I have problems again to come into the aisles :D

My husband tolerates the last few years, by the way, no perfumes and gets of it unfortunately breathing problems. With the fragrances of Nuxe but he has no problems when I wear them or perfume me in the apartment. That is nevertheless times a stichfestes purchase argument!

Anyway, I'm very glad that I have the fragrance in my collection!
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