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Vert Reseda by Odin New York
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Vert Reseda is a popular perfume by Odin New York for women and was released in 2014. The scent is green-floral. It is still in production.
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Submitted by Michael, last update on 30.11.2020.
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To valley
Let us imagine a summer day, a summer day when I wake up and realize I'm in a little boarding house. Alone! Nature! Vacation
After breakfast I will have a look at the surroundings. I step out expectantly. Only a small backpack is my companion with a water bottle, money, sunglasses and sun cream It's still early, but the sun is already in the sky. I'm sucking in the air. Which flowers smell so wonderfully bright, light and friendly here? Could they be freesias? I'll look around. The small pension has a large, well-designed garden. You can see that it has been professionally laid out and extends far to the left behind the house. In the foreground white lilies bloom in front of fresh boxwood. They smell and look wonderful.
I can take a closer look at the garden later, when I come back, I think, and turn to the small footpath that starts right at the house. No sooner have I walked a few metres than a sweet and slightly rotten smell comes into my nose. I can already see the cause: a compost heap for the garden cuttings and obviously also for the flower decoration of the pension that has to be disposed of. Here, the freesias I noticed at first with their slippery flower water stems wilt on all kinds of other withered and green hedge cuttings. I go on. The smell of the fading flower bouquets and their water decreases.

As I turn around the next bend, a beautiful view opens up over wide meadows, to which the path winds down harmoniously. I take it with a smile. I notice that I now pass the back of the big garden and again the smell of flowers rises in my nose, of other flowers. But which one? Actually it smells like chrysanthemums. But isn't it too early in the year for that? No, obviously not. A huge plantation of sun-yellow, mustard-yellow, lilac and magenta chrysanthemums shines under the blue sky. Impressive!

Now the path moves away from the garden and meanders through meadows down into the valley. The scent of chrysanthemums accompanies me for a long time, but I also notice that it is getting wetter and wetter down here. I look at the clock: how quickly time passes! I've been on the road for almost an hour now.
All around me it is getting swampier and swampier. On the right and on the left I see the typical brown pom-poms of the bulrushes and in other places even yellow marsh lilies are blooming. Again a smell of transience rises into my nose, but this time it is different: It is the typical smell of a swampy lake, not earthy and musty or really rotten, but of water plants in mainly standing fresh water The sun is now high. I'm glad. In the evening there will be mosquitoes here for sure I take out the sun cream and put it on my bare arms and shoulders. And then I put another sunscreen on my face. I drink some water and settle down by the lake. It's deserted. From far away I hear the soft and gentle splashing of a tributary or stream. Now and then something splashes into the water. Are those frogs? I can't see anything. It rustles. Small creatures are going their way again after I am so still as if I am no longer there and a gentle breeze is touching my skin. I close my eyes and follow my thoughts.
Now I've been gone for several hours. Not too long now, and I'm going to get hungry. So I decide to turn back. Now it's a slight uphill climb. But spontaneously I take another way than the way there. It doesn't lead me past the garden again, but makes a big curve to get to the other side of the pension again. For a very long time I still have the smell of the fresh water and the flora down by the pond in my nose with a touch of my sun cream.
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Tanita Tikaram: Twist in my sobriety - 1988
Like when in early spring,
so end of March, beginning of April,
the first sun
in the still cool air
makes tentative experiments
the I, the WE, warming up EVERYTHING,
and you walk through the garden
maybe a branch gets stuck
and this one bends off a little...
then it smells like Vert Reseda smells:
Leaf green!

How everything is still in small,
slowly growing buds keeps hidden
and gather strength,
to be able to call soon:
"Look here, I'm a cherry blossom,
a rose or an elfin flower."
What already works and lives in these plants:
that's what Vert Reseda smells like
All garden beings - no matter how small -
come from their feathers - and leaf nests,
and make us a long nose.

This is the time of departure
into a new plant year,
of green inhalation and exhalation,
and everything that seemed to rest for months,
now pushes out again, wants to grow,
and play a role in the whole.

And it was no rest at all
in recent weeks,
it was just a collection,
on - Back - Pull
in the dark and cold times
of autumn and winter.
A pause and wait,
with the sure knowledge
and plan that thereafter
everything starts all over again.

Oh, yes, and that's how it is.
Could it ever be any different ?

In the eternal cycle
of becoming and passing away
show the plants,
how life works.
They reveal a wisdom,
which pervades everything,
what lives and webt.

Vert Reseda is therefore for me
an inventory of life.
A fragrance that depicts, does not create,
that can uneitel give the frame
for all the other things in his environment,
that would need a bigger stage
and sometimes claims.

It takes itself back
and is himself enough.
Until the end, it refuses
any mild concession
or even just: to become a bit sweeter.
The fragrance remains green floral,
herbaceous, vegetable and especially bitter
and is in my opinion so unisex,
what a perfume can be.

Also the bottle is of a withdrawn elegance,
that has no equal -
packed in an almost artistic box,
which is extremely elaborately worked:
A joy for the nose and the eyes.

"Vert Reseda is equally enraptured and close to it.

There is a voice and mood in songs,
that this fragrance suits me
could make audible.

Tanita Tikaram:
"Cathedral song"
And you saw me, from the cathedral
Well I'm an ancient heart

and - even more aptly:
"Twist in my sobriety"
All God's children need travelling shoes.

In the sense.
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HermeshHermesh 5 years ago
Green, partly (bitter) sharp initial phase lasts several hours; floral accents afterwards are minimal, as well as woody-smoky base.

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