Chambre Noire by Olfactive Studio

Chambre Noire 2011

25.02.2017 - 08:18 AM
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dusty-sour- leather
Beside Ombre, Chambre Noire is my favorite reference of Olfactive studio house. The first impression of this perfume is undeniable, where it introduces a very unique scent. However, after minutes pass a way, the perfume becomes a very ordinary one showing no vessel of that great opening.
The perfume opens in a dark spicy-leathery atmosphere reminding an old room, furnished by unique and leathery sofas, woody beds, and crowded book shelves. Unlike many perfumes, the most interesting part of this perfume is the head, where the accord made by papyrus, leather, pepper, leather, and patchouli is so fascinating and mysterious. But, I couldn't find any bold strengths in the heart and the base of the perfume that not only is counted as a niche scent but also does smell very typical like designers perfumes. The perfume has got no good sillage or longevity, is upper medium in it's scent though. However, in wet and humid weather the perfumes shows a complete different characteristic representing a very nice smell in heart and base with a notable longevity.
I tested it in a humid weather where i fell in love with this perfume, but when i came back to my own country and city, which is dry I got another result. So, I highly recommend trying this perfume in places full of humidity where the leathery notes could be expressed in a more dominating way.
As a compliment, I love the vanilla used in this perfume which plays an indispensable role in balancing the scent.
To me Chambre is counted as a respectable dusty-sour- leather showing lesser longevity than most of the leathery based niche perfumes.

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