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Iris Shot is a popular perfume by Olfactive Studio for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is powdery-spicy. It is still available to purchase.
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Iris variation
As the title already indicates, "Iris Shot" is a very multi-faceted iris scent, it impresses with a changeable progression from carotene iris to powdery almond scent to winter cream.
So "Iris Shot" starts with a wonderfully dry and carrotlike iris note. Cardamom and pepper add a certain spicy-powdery note. This reminds me in a weakened form of the top note of "Iris Torréfié", but is really much more subtle here.

Soon something biscuit-smelling in my nose is added, from which a nice almond note emerges more and more.

Still, I would not have primarily classified the fragrance as gourmand. Maybe that's because I smell more bitter almond than almond and this note reminds me of benzaldehyde, which has that characteristic marzipan smell. This chemical-synthetic note automatically brings a certain feeling of distance to me rather than that I would like to bite into it. But the term "Gourmand Light", which Sumi chose, is probably a good one.
I associate this almond aldehyde note with autumn. I find that on sunny autumn days sometimes this kind of scent is in the air, if you can 'do anything with it
As mentioned by Addicta, the name Almond Shot would be equally appropriate at this stage of the fragrance. Iris is more of an accessory in the sense of a cool, powdery background, but in my opinion she doesn't really give up her sceptre. It already remains an iris scent
Out of my head I thought that the fragrance was similar to "L'Instant Magic". In a direct comparison, the two are actually not that far apart, but "L'Instant Magic" is definitely sweeter and a little more lovely.
"Iris Shot" also has a certain sweetness, but for me it is rather subtle. When I try to attribute the sweetness, it is not sugar sweetness, nor honey sweetness, but has something slightly milky-sweet, perhaps like condensed milk. Whereby one probably associates extremely sticky sweetness with condensed milk, but that's not what I mean, only the direction.

Towards the base, I perceive "Iris Shot" more and more as a cream scent, and indeed it is a thick, oily cream as one applies on icy cold winter days to protect the skin. Here a possible similarity to "Poudre d'Iris" came to my mind. But "Poudre d'Iris" is "louder", more simply knitted and a bit more bitter due to the Angelica.

Also "Calaluna" could be related, but unfortunately I do not have it here to compare. But I think that this milky sweetness could be similar.

And I don't know if it's too bold to compare with the great "Armani Privé - Nuances"!? I see a similarity because of these very finely tuned melodic nuances, which also run through the whole fragrance in "Iris Shot". Whereby I have saved the Armani rather as a fragrance for the warmer season and I would definitely wear "Iris Shot" in cooler temperatures.

I cannot perceive the cedar mentioned, the scent has nothing woody for me. However, a certain freshness through vetiver is noticeable in the base for me, I think that this contributes to the impression of "winter freshness cream".

So you see, because of the numerous scents that came to my mind as supposedly similar, "Iris Shot" is not a completely new scent experience. But for me as a big iris fan it leaves nothing to be desired. It offers both a certain elegance and at the same time it has a comfortable factor.
Nothing is too much from my point of view, it is not too sweet, not too spicy and not too cool either, as is the case with some iris scents.
On the other hand, there is not too little, in the sense that the fragrance could become boring.
So "Iris Shot" uses a rather wide keyboard and I think that the notes are hit just right and are very harmoniously interwoven, especially in the base. And although it's not a hardcore cuddly scent, I associate it, as I said before, with cosy autumn and winter time.

Durability and sillage are good and for me completely sufficient. The bottle doesn't really appeal to me from the picture. But as I fall more and more in love with the fragrance, I can imagine that it will move in with me. Then I'll be surprised to see if I'll like it even better in the flesh.

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GodspeedGodspeed 2 years ago
A sweet and buttery iris scent reminiscent of marzipan, my favorite from the Sepia Collection. Great longevity and sillage.
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