Lapis-lazuli - Pierre du Ciel by Olivier Durbano

Lapis-lazuli - Pierre du Ciel 2016

06.11.2017 - 03:14 PM
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Olivier Durbano - "Lapis Lazuli" - the scent of ultramarine

This is the twelfth stone in a fragrant interpretation of Olivier Durbano, to the enjoyment of the fans of this extraordinary artist’s talent, including me personally. Many times I have already highlighted the uniqueness of the Parfums de Pierres Poemes collection. Every perfume lover who enjoys original and sublime beauty of perfume should know it. Period.

This time the inspiration was Lapis Lazuli – a stone with a beautiful blue color. The word “blue” not entirely reflects the unusual color of the stone, which was widely used in the Renaissance to obtain extremely valuable pigment – natural ultramarine. This inspiration, of course, is reflected in the beautiful color of the perfume.

Connoisseurs of precious stones assign to Lapis Lazuli mental properties as: supporting in the fight against melancholy, positive impact on the serenity, harmony in dealing with other people, a sense of security. Lapis Lazuli is to strengthen willpower, concentration, intuition, self-confidence, creativity, courage and leadership.

Lapis Lazuli is Durbano I like the most. Cool, mineral, mystical and absolutely different from everything.
The initial smell is a combination of dry woody wormwood (well known to us in a very expressive and raw edition in French Lover by Frederic Malle), with coniferous cypress, tea tree oil and a hint of green herbal thyme spiced up by clove. Rose oxide gives these components a not exaggerated, but clearly perceptible rosy-metallic glow (a stronger and more rose centered one can be found in the phenomenal Opus X Amouage.) So the oxide imprints its mark, but not in an extent to deal here with the aroma of rose, but only with its metallic green memory. The base has woodycharacter and it follows the heart in a very natural way, while still maintaining the main theme of the scent. This is important, because according to me Lapis Lazuli smells at the end almost the same as in the beginning, and the occurring changes – although present – are minimal.

The perfume projects very nicely, without exaggeration but in a noticeable way, sticking on the skin for over eight hours, which completes my high rating. According to me, this is one of the most interesting and one of the best fragrances in Olivier Durbano’s collection. The longer I test it, the more it delights me… Bravo Olivier!

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