17.11.2016 - 04:14 AM
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Fizzy tonic in a silver mirror

What an amazing and shocking fragrance with a silver fizzy musky tones, like tonic water extremely deep and thin. No sign of a floral femenine fragrance after a few minutes, everything turns into a musky metallic mouthwatering thing with a subtle and regal floral background. All in this fragrance is white, brilliant and brave. It´s like a medieval armour. Remember of those fragrances like Montale Black Musk without the weird glue note. Perfect and unique in his rank.

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Jarrock32Jarrock32 6 years ago
Bracken Man - Amouage

Bracken Man Classic lavender with hints of patchouli
I think there must be some kind of confussion with this fragrance because of ingredients. It has a lot of herbal aspects in the composition, but not dominates the fragrance. Absolutely fougere in Invasion Barbare way, but if I had to highlight...

Jarrock32Jarrock32 6 years ago
Vetiver / Golden Vetiver - Daniel Josier

Vetiver / Golden Vetiver Vetiver orange juice
Very interesting vetiver juice. It could be named as "Bigarade concentré vetiver geranium", it has the best of BC, VG and Geranium pour monsier (only the geranium part). Extremely mouthwatering orange start, very natural like a rich...