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Woodcut is a popular perfume by Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is woody-resinous. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Dr. Ellen Covey

Fragrance Notes

Cedar, Oak absolute, Pine, Tolu balm, Frankincense, Caramel, Burnt sugar, Vanilla



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 18.03.2020.
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olympic orchid Woodcut scent
ugh, phew, smells like very smoky and wet-ashy, like a campfire that had been put out, not at all what I was searching for, I am still on the hunt for a sweet resinous pitchy scent like walking thru a lumberyard.
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It was perfect until...
At first I adored this scent so much! It smelled like logs, gooey sap, and just a touch of burnt caramel that really made it smell like hot sap that has just begun to burn a little. After that, unfortunately, all of this gorgeousness dissipated, and I was left with a very unextraordinary woody and sour citrus scent. It became so acidic that it smelled really unbalanced. I gave this fragrance a low rating because the good part that was 5 stars didn't last long, and the sour part that gets 1 star lasted far too long. I am so bummed. If it had stayed like it did in the first 20 minutes for the whole duration, I would have wanted the biggest bottle possible.
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No prose, nothing elegiac and without usable content. Hingerotzt and not transferable. Private. Some kind of diary entry. Of course I know this is being read. No gain in knowledge for connoisseurs, owners, curious and disinterested people. No help with the purchase decision. Continue zapping or boredom?

Woodcut is a roaring fire rocket. I got the 100 ml bottle. Every single sprayer releases a lot of the substance and corrodes the respiratory tract for a short time. I was mountain biking for hours in the forest on Sunday and took four to be on the safe side. It was incredible. The heat, the forest, the dryness, Woodcut. It's a grind, in the low mountain range, on the rooted trails, uphill in the heat. Nose to sternum, inhale, smile. I am merged with the environment. The olfactory soundtrack to the journey.

I'm happy when a scent can do something. And to that, and here I like to repeat myself, a damn decent performance is a must! Four sprays is crazy, I know. But even two would have achieved what 99% of all others do not achieve with several milliliters, even though they call themselves EdP or Extrait. It was a declassification of the vast majority of fragrances I know.

The next day I applied five sprayers of a fragrance with an average shelf life of 7.4 points and could hardly perceive anything. It is a well-known fragrance with several hundred reviews. And now it comes: Of course I had to add it in the evening and thus reactivated the woodcut from the day before during sports. This then outshined the other fragrance for the next few hours. SIR AUGUST! Note that after a mountain bike tour of several hours at 25+ degrees I was sweatbathed and salt encrusted and showered three times within the next 30 hours
Norne, Jeke, Elaborate, Intricate, Complex, Provocative etc. are therefore by no means expensive. With a sprayer they do more than a few millilitres of the above mentioned with its 7.4 points. And yet: What I experienced during the two days with Woodcut has not yet happened. After 30 hours it was approx. 10 times more present than the newly applied fragrance.

A weapon, which I wanted to address here the practical feasibility in terms of price/performance and performance regardless of taste and finally asked myself what some highly praised brands fill their 100 ml canisters for concentrations. And why do others reward their clientele with really highly concentrated gems that stand out from the mainstream in terms of quality in these categories alone.

That's the way it has to be. This is high-end. 30 to 50 ml WROOOOMMMMMM! And not 100 to 250 ml FFFFFFHHHHHHHHHH!

Scent: 7,5 (Attention! Very hearty!)
Shelf life: actually 12
Sillage: 10
Flacon: 7 (plain, nothing special, spray head very good and can be unscrewed.)
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9.0 9.0 9.5/10

327 Reviews
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Smoky Woods
Reading the base notes led me to expect this fragrance would be sweet, but it really isn't. With a deft hand the perfumer has used caramel and burnt sugar as a fixative and volumizer for the other notes and to lend a little smokiness. Frankincense does the rest. Balsam freshens and adds luxury. The cedar, oak and pine are just glorious. They're either natural or from exceptionally good synthetics. I'm guessing natural. I put Woodcut on one hand and D.S. and Durga's splendid Silent Grove on the other--a lighter beauty with more pine. One is the forest in daytime, the other at night, both beautiful. Wish I could get to hubby's fabulous Otro Poema de los Dones and compare Woodcut to it. If memory serves, Woodcut would hold its own even in that exalted company. If you love woody perfumes, you won't want to miss this one. Picture having a cigarette under the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and you're close to the feel of this fragrance. No need to worry about your lungs. Only renewals happen here.

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