Body Survival for Man by Omerta

Body Survival for Man

01.07.2020 - 12:56 AM

Weak Gingery Spicebomb Clone

Imagine Spicebomb but with lots of ginger and that’s what this is, lasts about an hour and then it’s GONE. Don’t waste your money. Mid-range packaging. Very poor sillage. Pity as it’s pleasant enough if you like spice & ginger but longevity is shockingly bad.
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AWFWAWFW 2 years ago
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Smells exactly like 1 million by PR. EDP when you buy the 90ml. Notes are very close to the original and have very good longevity and spillage. Good for young and the old. Most of the Milton Lloyd are a bit hit and miss but this is a good un.

AWFWAWFW 2 years ago
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Very nice bottle, it’s a clear green glass light bulb shape, the lid is a metal screw fitting covered in clear plastic. Looks great. Unfortunately the smell has zero longevity. About an hour and it’s gone. Nice fragrance but like...