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Clouds of Love Man by Omerta
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Controversially Rated Scent
Clouds of Love Man is a perfume by Omerta for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is synthetic-oriental. It is being marketed by Coscentra.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Lavender, Coriander, Peppermint
Heart Notes Heart NotesPatchouli, Atlas cedar
Base Notes Base NotesCoffee, Styrax, Tonka bean, Musk



3.9 (7 Ratings)


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Submitted by WiseOwl, last update on 11.09.2018
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246 Reviews
No One on Earth Could Smell Like This
What Azrael, Barachiel, Jegudiel, Lucifer, Muriel, Uriel, and Zacharie have in common? They are almost all Archangels, either Angels or Daemons, and this cologne smells like Heaven. I'm thrown and overblown with bliss... It's a multitude of angels and they're playing with my heart! Clouds of Love recalled me a Eurythmics's song from the album Be Yourself Tonight where Annie Lennox was singing "There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart"...

Before you continue reading this review, be aware that Clouds of Love commands attention so if you're a shy person and don't want to stand out, this fragrance isn't for you.

I do have a few Omerta colognes in my wardrobe, yet I always skipped this one due to its ugly bottle... I am such an idiot, am I? Well, I have fallen in love with this fragrance the very moment I decided to spray it in the air and catch a waft, it's so unusual. It is very deep, heavenly, earthy and impossible to define. It might approximately smell a bit unpleasant at first, but then it mellows down to a very warm, intoxicating vibe. The drydown isn't that bad at all, and reviewing it on its own terms means that it gets a thumbs up from these parts.
Albeit it's made with its own formula, using a combination of aromatic essences, the final fragrance reminds of another perfume of greater prestige. It's not a secret that it's closely similar to A*Men, the first oriental gourmand cologne… for men. This fragrance family has grown to include a men's fragrance paired with its women's Angel, and an overdosed note of roasted Arabica coffee beans has been added to its woody masculine patchouli and Bourbon vanilla notes, which recall the tender universe of childhood, thus strengthening the fragrance's virility and intensity. Then, an innovative tar note like a touch of asphalt gives Clouds of Love a remarkably modern urban dimension... never before seen or smelled.

Clouds of Love ain't linear, yet it has two main dimensions, namely woody and fiery. The former has masculine notes of patchouli infused with Bourbon vanilla pulse with intensity and virility, whilst the latter has authentic notes that emerge in an overdose of toasted Arabica coffee beans. This is a master class on the development of a scent, an education to the untrained nose, the opening is the polar opposite of the ending, you basically begin with a gourmand and finish with a patchouli driven freshly.
It needs time to develop on your skin. After about an hour, one starts to notice hints of a chocolate aroma. However, this is not an ordinary chocolate, but a delicious dark chocolate that gets richer as the hours past. I see this scent is controversially rated and you guess what? Just make sure you don't judge this masterpiece based on its opening after the initial spray. Give it time to develop on your skin. A gourmand for the ages.

It starts off very fresh with notes of peppermint and lavender, before evolving to a very rich and dark scent in the middle due to the smell of tar and the prominent smell of coffee. A mix of lavender floor cleaner, brownies, and cotton candy. The cool lavender is sharp and prominent in the opening. Mint, chocolate, and drip coffee. It is so strong on the outset, and so... I don't even know what. I really do think it's formulated to do this, to bond to your body and figure out what it wants to do. I know it can't think for itself, but that's really what it's like. It smells nothing like it did when I first sprayed it. The coffee in the middle is spell bounding.

Then, the caffeine rush does not stop there as tonka beans take over with delicious vanilla, caramel, and chocolate-like notes... None of them are listed here, yet that's what you get. Some people might say that having the scent of tar in the fragrance is weird, but it gives the fragrance a new depth that has never been seen or smelled before, which it only displays if you sniff closer to your skin, and sort of smells like a burnt chocolate cake, although it smells pleasant. In the air though, it smells like black coffee and caramel and is very warm.

Definitely tonka and styrax in the bittersweet drydown, but there's something more bitter, a good bitter, that I can't quite put my finger on. There's an initial powdery quality that I'm very fond of, but it fades fairly quick, and I think this is where most people get hung up, that powdery, cloying hazy bit at the beginning. Trust me when I miserably say it fades. Overall, the scent is clean and manly.

As far as sillage, initially this stuff will announce you in much the same way that a bakery smells from across the street when someone opens the door to go in...and the weird bit is, that's actually a good thing in this case. The projection is not beast mode as I expected it to be on my skin but rather very subtle, though it does produce a scent cloud, while longevity is quite good. Overall, I would say the sillage on my skin was more subtle than I thought it would be, but the scent itself is beautiful, as is the longevity.
This could easily be over sprayed and spoilt but used lightly it can be very comforting and sensual.

I think personally that this is near to a perfect a winter date scent as you can get. There has to be at least some aspect of angel men that your date will enjoy. It is a fragrance best experienced in cold weather, from early fall to late winter. It warms you up and makes you feel cozy. This fragrance is almost like a living being. It evolves on your skin and smells different upon each wearing.

Ultimately, Clouds of Love is one scent to enjoy, not one to “think” about. Give it a try on your skin, don't be hasty, and let it go its way... you'll love it, absolutely!

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Elysium 14 months ago
The perfect mix of yin & yang, powdery and gourmand, with the sweet caramel, vanilla, and chocolate blending with the masculine tar and musk+2

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