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Controversially Rated Scent
Original Man is a perfume by Omerta for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is animal-earthy. It is being marketed by Coscentra.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesYlang-ylang, Jasmine, Orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesMusk
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Amber



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Submitted by Globomanni, last update on 29.10.2018
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Very helpful Review    5
Don't be afraid, come closer!
There's never been a scent I couldn't immediately identify for myself. I like, I don't like, done.
For three days I have been smelling on my wrist, I can't say exactly what fascinates me so much about this scent, but I have to save this so far uncommented scent from the previous two "objective" statements! ;-)

Bought two years ago due to some recommendation, shrugged his shoulders and put in the closet.
A few days ago when we were cleaning out, rehearsing and lo and behold! I saw a young blond man in a light grey Brioni suit in front of a white bungalow.
I don't know, don't ask me.

If the confused top note adjusts somewhat, I notice coriander, pepper, orange blossom and violet.
The patchouli is already very quiet in the top note.
Then musk, musk and musk come immediately. Oh yes - and musk!
A light, dry, bitter musk with some cedar wood (only forgotten in the pyramid, definitely! ;-) Clearly different from the typical Jovan musk.

For hours he stays the same, gets a little rounder, not so dominant anymore, the Patchouli gets through more and more and is left by the musk at the end.
The silage is discreet.
For me it is an elegant yet animal scent that lasts 6-7 hours. On textile loose 36 hours and more. On Brioni suits probably even longer...
He also smells to me something like some fabric bales when they are rolled out. If I apply more on one spot, 2-3 sprayers, I must even think of a diluted Aramis.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's like that (clears throat, coughs)
I couldn't really get used to musk scents yet, but Original Man caught me somehow.

A very dry, woody, masculine musk scent that would certainly have some followers if you weren't afraid of cheap scents!

Allegedly a Dupe of For Him by Narciso Rodriguez (Francis Kurkdjian).
Oha, then quickly decant into an expensive looking bottle and sell as the latest brand name cry?
Seriously, here in the forum someone once wrote that he is actually biased when he smells an expensive brand smell and evaluates it more positively, but tries to "count it away".
For me it is understandable that the whole consumption works through manipulation. Conversations with marketing people can be refreshing and absolutely disillusioning....

Oh and the bottle with the back glass print I find all of a sudden quite nice....and the split lid, how fitting!

I'm sniffing my wrist again right now and still am. Isn't that exactly what makes "priceless" scents?
5.0 5.0 7.5 9.0/10

242 Reviews
The right scent when you are in a bad mood...
Original Man is alleged to be equivalent to the first Narciso Rodriguez for Him, and I have to admit that when I tested it, my mind immediately took me to that scent. So, let me take you into this mysterious scent and see what kind of vibe we get from it.

The opening is sharp, dry, and dark like the black painted back side of the bottle. Moldy, it reminds me a wet place, not that kind of ozonic smell you get when the very first rain’s drops touch the burning asphalt (similar to Azzaro Chrome), rather like the air you breath when silver rain’s drops start watering a wooded area, the undergrowth. In the initial blast, I get something dominant in the composition, very strong on top. I guess it is the blend of dirty patchouli and sweet amber. I love that smell when it's raining and that earthy scent comes out.

Then, after about ten minutes, something floral, or better dark floral, starts thinning out… what I get most is the bitter orange blossom blended with the jasmine, still harsh, and believe me, there is nothing sweet or sugary in there.

At this point, the flawless mix of the white musk, which smells clean, and the dirty patchouli, which smells earthy, gives its best to this fragrance. Just the right balance between clean and dirty, pungent and not too animal. This marvelous powdery atmosphere is the base of OOM and will last for several hours.

This is an aromatic-fougére accord. In my opinion, it is modern, classic. masculine, not aquatic or sugary, musky, leafy, and very mysterious fragrance, very versatile. Patchouli and musk are dominant, the former is richer, herbal, dirty, which neutralizes and balances the smoothness of the latter. There is even a bit of sweet little amber but is merely perceivable.
OOM is a mood fragrance, meaning that it’s perfect when you are in a bad, sad mood… or the “right” mood for wearing it. The darkness and uniqueness of the smell are able to stand out from many of the other scents out there. I recommend this scent for the cold season, even though it shines the best during the rainy days like spring and fall cloudy days. I better stay away from it on hot summer nights. But once the autumn winds and rains start haunting, the OOM flawlessly completes the atmosphere.

That’s it. It is versatile, so wear it on business and leisure time. Not too much overpowering if you just shoot three or four sprays on your neck and chest. Longevity I would say from 6 to 10 hours and sillage stays by your arms. I have no clue about Narciso Rodriguez for Him performance, I just tested it. Definitely, this is a good scent and unique, it is worth it and deserves 8/10 the overall smell and performance.



Elysium 4 years ago
The flawless mix of the white musk, which smells clean, and the dirty patchouli, which smells earthy, gives its best to this richer cologne!+1

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